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Artesia Cemetery At intersection of Artesia Rd. and US-191, turn East on Artesia Rd. for .9   miles.  Turn left on Sky Blue Rd. for  about .1 miles. Artesia  Cemetery will be on your left. It is a small  cemetery.
Ashurst Cemetery Turn south off Hwy 70 onto Ashurst Rd. Ashurst Rd. is located about 3.5 miles east of Fort Thomas. You will see a sign indicating a Refuse Transfer Station, that road is Ashurst Rd. Once on Ashurst Rd, drive about .5 miles. The road becomes a dirt road and goes up a hill. At the top of the hill, bare to the right for about 0.2 miles.
Bryce Cemetery To get to Bryce Cemetery from US-70, turn north on Main Street in Pima. Main will become Bryce Eden Rd. Go north on Main St/Bryce Eden Rd for about 2.6 miles. As the  road begins to bend left turn right onto Bryce Cemetery Rd for about .1 mile.
Central Cemetery (New) From US-70, turn southwest onto Central Rd, in Central. At Cemetery Rd, turn left. Go straight for about .7 miles. The New Central Cemetery will be on your left.
Central Cemetery (Old) From US-70, turn southwest onto Central Rd. in Central. At Cemetery Rd, turn left. You will pass the New Central Cemetery on your left. At Layton Rd, turn left for about .1 miles. Old Central Cemetery will be on your right.
Eden Cemetery Located at 10560 N. Hot Springs Rd. in Eden. This is 2.3 miles from the intersection of W. Bryce Eden Rd. and Hot Springs Rd.
Ft. Thomas Cemetery Turn south off Hwy 70 onto Black Rock Rd. Take an immediate left onto Elementary School Rd. and follow the road past the Ft. Thomas High School. The cemetery is located behind the high school, past the bus lot and in the southern most area of the property. It is no longer used and is in a state of disrepair.
Graham Cemetery Located North of Safford. When proceeding to the cemetery, take US 70 through Safford. Turn North on 8th Street and cross the river. Then when a fork comes in the road go left on Safford-Bryce Road. About 2 miles up the road is a sign and a road to the right. Take that.
Hinton Cemetery Old privately owned cemetery on the Hinton Ranch. In Geronimo.
Hubbard Cemetery Hubbard is a small [no longer in existence] town north of the Gila River near Safford, Graham, Arizona. The cemetery is still used by those early residents and their descendants that remain in the general area.
Lebanon Cemetery Located South of Safford. Take US 191 South towards Willcox from Safford. Turn Right towards Mt. Graham on Cactus Road. Keep going it is the 2nd main turn off to the left. There is also a sign that says "Lebannon Public Cemetery". Take that road to the left and keep going. It is about 1.5 miles though the brush to it. The spaces between names indicate new plots.
Pima Cemetery Located about a mile south of US 70 on 400 W.  The entrance is located right at the point where 400 W. turns into 800 S. The cemetery is on the south side of the road.
Rest Haven Cemetery The Rest Haven Cemetary is in the process of a name Change, It will be known as Gila Valley Memorial Gardens. It is located in Safford, Arizona. From Highway 70 in Safford you travel North on 8th Avenue across the Gila River, traveling until the road makes a fork. At the fork you stay to the right (going East), where the road becomes Airport Road. This cemetery is about a mile from the fork on the North Side of the Road.
Safford Union Cemetery Located on the US 191 South of Safford heading towards Willcox. Turn Right right on top of the big hill The cemetery is made up of three parts 1) an old section 2) a newer section and 3) the newest section. Part 1 is the middle section. The middle and newest sections are separated by a fence. The rows are numbered starting on the East side and going West 1-26.
Sanchez Cemetery Starting from US 70 in Solomon, Arizona, turn north onto E. Sanchez Rd. Stay on Sanchez Rd. for 7.7 miles. Sanchez Cemetery is 338 feet off the road on the right side.
Thatcher Cemetery As you come into Thatcher proceed to Stadium when coming from either direction. Turn towards the South or turn towards Mt. Graham. Proceed as far straight as can go until the road curves by the baseball fields. There is a hill and a road going to the top. Spanning the road is a sign that says Thatcher cemetery.