Samuel D. McCracken

Samuel D. McCracken, merchant and banker, successfully connected with business enterprises at Colorado Springs, was born on a farm in Niagara county, New York, in 1858. His father, Richard McCracken, was a native of the north of Ireland, born in 1832, and in his boyhood days he crossed the Atlantic to Canada with his parents. He was a youth of fourteen when he became a resident of the state of New York and there began working as a farm hand. After reaching adult age he was married in Niagara county, New York, to Miss Clarissa Putnam and throughout his remaining days he devoted his attention to general agricultural pursuits. He died in Niagara county in 1900, while his widow survived him for a number of years, there passing away in June, 1918.

Samuel D. McCracken is indebted to the public school system of his native county for the early educational opportunities which he enjoyed and which were supplemented by a high school course in Lockport, New York. He left school at the age of twenty years but remained a resident of Niagara county until the early nineties, when he sought the opportunities of the growing west, making his way to Colorado Springs. He believed that he would have better chances for advancement in this great and growing section of the country and not long after his arrival he purchased an interest in a dry goods business, although his name did not appear in the firm style. In 1893 the New York Cash Store had been organized and Mr. McCracken became one of the partners in the enterprise. Later the name was changed to the Colorado Dry Goods Company, of which Mr. McCracken is the president and he and his wife are the sole owners. In this connection an extensive business is carried on. The firm has a large stock of goods and the methods of the house are such as will bear the closest investigation and scrutiny. They have ever recognized the fact that satisfied patrons are the best advertisement and they put forth every possible effort to please their customers. In 1907 Mr. McCracken also became one of the organizers of the Colorado Springs National Bank and was elected to the presidency, in which position he still continues. His has been the directing voice in shaping the policy and promoting the interests of the bank and in so doing he has ever most carefully safeguarded the depositors, while at the same time progressive methods have led to the growth of the business. Mr. McCracken is also president of the P. Mayer Leather Company, of Pueblo, Colorado, wholesale dealers in leather, findings and shoe store supplies. He now devotes a great deal of his time and
attention to his large cattle ranch of six thousand acres, on which he raises Short Horns and Black Galloways. This ranch is located twelve miles from Colorado Springs.

On the 21st of December, 1892, in Buffalo, New York, Mr. McCracken was married to Miss Ruth N. Corrigan. He is a Master Mason and in religious faith is a Baptist, while his political views are in accord with the principles of the republican party. He is regarded as one of the most substantial business men of Colorado Springs, standing high in the opinion of his fellow townsmen, who recognize his genuine worth. What he undertakes he accomplishes. His plans are well formulated and promptly executed. He possesses in large measure that quality which for want of a better term has been called commercial sense, enabling him to recognize the value of an opportunity, to purchase wisely and sell fairly, and by reason of such methods his business is constantly growing. As merchant and banker he occupies a most creditable position in the commercial and financial circles of his adopted city.

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