Wilson & Gateley El Paso Chronology (partial)


Date Wilson Gateley (aka Gately)
1874 May: John and Martha WILSON and their children Levveretta ("Etta"), Richard and Mary Alice moved to Colorado from Henry Co., Iowa. Mary Alice died in Denver shortly after their arrival and was buried in what is now Cheeseman Park. They moved to Black Forest (Eastonville) and operated a half-way station. John's brother Paton and his family probably came at the same time; they later homesteaded on land near Table Rock in northern El Paso County. 1874? Joseph Gateley moved to Colorado from Mahaska Co., Iowa, probably with his brothers Luther and William, where they went into the lumbering business in the Black Forest, NE of Colorado Springs.
1874 Sept. 11: George Daniel WILSON was born.  
c1876 A WILSON child was born but died shortly thereafter and was probably buried in the Eastonville Cemetery.  
1878 Nov 12: Frank Leslie WILSON was born.  
1881 Feb 18: Edith WILSON Laura was born.  

The Denver and New Orleans Railroad (later, the Colorado and Southern) completed a track between Denver and Pueblo, passing through Eastonville

1884 Jan 28: Sarah Louisa WILSON was born.  
1885   1885: The Colorado Census showed Luther Gateley (age 57), wife Caroline (age 54), son Elmer N. (age 28) and daughters Kate E. (age 20) and Nettie M. (age 13) living in El Paso County. Both Luther and Elmer were farmers, and Luther rented the farm. The census data indicates that Luther was certainly Joseph's brother.
1886 Nov 1: John Logan WILSON was born.  

Apr 28: Leveretta Miller WILSON married Joseph Hardin GATELY

1888   Apr 10: Sidney Joseph GATELEY was born.
1889 Mar 24: Amon Harrison WILSON was born. Oct 30: Grace Martha GATELEY was born.
1889 Jun 22: John WILSON died, probably of a heart attack, while branding horses at the Ayre Ranch. He was buried in the Eastonville Cemetery.  
1890 Dec. 30: Martha WILSON purchased land from Francis M. Mobley: El Paso Co.: "The W 1/2 of NW 1/2 and W 1/2 of SW 1/4 of Section 18 in Twp 12S and R61W containing 141-60/100 acres". Martha and her children moved there--a mile or so south of Calhan-- from Eastonville. (Sarah (WILSON) GRAHAM--born in 1874-- said she was about six years old when they moved from Eastonville.)  
1893 March 2: Martha WILSON purchased four lots in Eastonville from John DAWSON (Martha's step-brother--the son of the 2nd husband of Theodocia Beach WOOD) for $200. Martha's grandson (via George WILSON) Lawrence WILSON was born here in 1904.  
1889-90   Colorado Business Directory: Eastonville Hotel, Gately, Jos., Prop.
1893   May 13: Frederick John GATELEY was born in Eastonville.
1894   Nov. 23: Orville Richard GATELY was born in n: Eastonville.
1895   The Joseph GATELEY family moved to Rifle, Garfield Co., Colorado, and settled on West Rifle Creek.
1915 Sept. 2: Martha married Levi RIDDLE in Manitou, El Paso Co., Colorado  
1920 The Census showed Martha (age 69) living with her husband, Levi Riddle (age 71) on Golden St. in Calhan, Colorado. Living with them was her son Richard Wilson (age 49) who owned and operated a garage in Calhan.  
1927   April 27: Joseph GATELEY died in Rifle and was buried in the Rifle Cemetery. Etta joined him there following her death in Alma, CO, on August 12, 1943.
1930-2000   The Sidney GATELEY family move from Fairplay, Park Co., CO to Colorado Springs. His son, Wilson Y., (b. 1926 in Wyoming) has lived here for most of his life.
1940 June 27: The following tidbit was printed in the "Park County Republican and Fairply Flume on that date. The 27th was a Thursday, so the reunion must have been on June 23rd: " Mrs. Etta Gately, Mrs. Grace Wells, Mrs. Glen Gately attended a family reunion in Canon City Sunday with Mrs. Etta Gately's mother, sisters and brothers. This being the first time all members of the family were present in 40 years."  
1942 April 22: Martha (Kendall) Wilson died at Calhan, CO. She was buried in the Calhan Cemetery next to her second husband, Levi Riddle; her eldest son, Richard Paton Wilson, was buried in the same plot following his death on April 6, 1946.  

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