Mortality Schedule, 1880
Mortality schedules were to include the taking of names of all the persons who died one year prior to 1 June 1880.  

Aldridge, Frank 1 M Aug IA Measles (Also listed in Pueblo County)
Alexander, Emery 31 M Dec Not Given Consumption Merchant
Allen, Marion B. 21 F July MI Pneumonia
Allen, William 30 M Nov Not Given Consumption Lawyer
Atherton, Lucy 56 F Apr VT Consumption Housewife
Barber, Fred 20 M Aug England Consumption Machinist
Barker, Ernest T. 12 M Dec IN Rheum Hart Student
Barrett, A.H. 39 M Jan MA Brain Dis. Druggist
Bartell, Alice D. 2 F Dec CO Croup
Behrens, Elbert C. 1 M July CO Bowel Infl.
Behrens, Henry 1 M July CO Enteritis
Boldrick, Clementia L. 35 F June OH Dropsy Housewife
Bradshaw, Harriett 42 F Feb TN Burned
Brent, Helen B., Mrs. 28 F Dec Not Given Lung Dis. Housekeeper
Brooks, Emma P. 9 F Oct KS Typhoid Fever
Bruner, Eli 50 M July Not Given Infla Rheu Blacksmith
Burkhardt, M.E. 1 F Feb CO Stomach Infl.
Burt, James 32 M June Germany Rheumatism Cook
Burt, Peter 3 M Jan MO Scarlet Fever
Bush, Emma Belle 2 mo F Aug CO Cholera
Bush, Martin 3 mo M Sep CO Cholera
Canthrow, Mary 2 F Aug CO Pneumonia
Carver, Aaron 42 M July OH Consumption Farmer
Chrisop, Morton B. 29 M May MO Rheumatism Laborer
Clark, William 11mo M Aug CO Cholera
Cloud, Clara H. 2 F May CO Consumption
Collins, A.B. 25 M June Not Given Consumption Teacher
Copeland, Mary C. 35 F May MO Stomach Dis. Housewife
Cox, Dora V. 13 F Aug CO Typhoid Fever
Cox, John F. 1 M July CO Cholera
Cox, Lucy F. 2 mo F May CO Measles
Cramer, Lottie 9 mo F May CO Pneumonia
Crouse, James N. 38 M May IL Paralysis
Cutler, C.H. 45 M Nov Not Given Consumption Merchant
Daley, G.A. 59 M Aug Not Given Enteritis Photographer
Davis, Hiram J. 31 M May Canada Lung Consm. Laborer
Dillon, Peter 33 M Dec Not Given Consumption Farmer
Dizier, Albert 15 mo M May CO Diphtheria
Dozier, Mary 13 F May MO Pneumonia
Duffield, Millie A. 26 F Oct Not Given Typhoid Fever
Eaton, Louis W. 5 mo M July CO Cholera
Ellington, Charley C. 2 mo M Sep CO Brain Dis.
Ely, Douglas Howell 19 M Mar IL Bowel Infl.
Evans, John 28 M June PA Lung Infl.
Fechter, Henry 8 M Apr IL Dropsy
Fechter, Kate 28 F Dec Germany Consumption Housewife
Fraker, Lavina 2 F Oct CO Diphtheria
Frasure, Ulen 14 F Mar MO Apoplexy
Frisky, Charles 43 M Sep Germany Typhoid Fever Teamster
Gaines, Richard 69 M Aug DC Cholera Prospector
Galloway, Walter 3 M May MO Scarlet Fever
Germain, Katie 21 F May IL Consumption
Gillespie, F.J. 45 M Nov Not Given Brain Cong. Laborer
Grady, Harriett C. 35 F Apr IL Consumption
Gray, David, Mrs. 27 F Aug IL Bowel Infl. Housewife
Gunther, Christ 66 M Dec Germany Pneumonia
Gutstall, Harvey 1 M Dec CO Diphtheria
Haeberle, Gottfried 49 M June Germany Cancer Confectioner
Hagar, Lewis 30 M Oct Not Given Consumption Farmer
Hardin, Baby 2 days M Nov CO Colic
Harper, Jennie B. 28 F Dec NY Puerperal
Harvey, Alice 2 F Dec CO Diphtheria
Haskins, H.A. 41 M Dec VT Liver Comp. Miner
Heatherly, ---------- N/G F July CO Unknown
Henderson, Jan 47 F July Not Given Epilepsy
Hill, Lavine 5 F Oct MO Diphtheria
Hill, Mary 2 F Oct CO Diphtheria
Hill, Susan 5 F Mar KS Brain Fever
Hindel, Charles 23 M Mar IN Consumption
Hix, George 35 M May Not Given Consumption Merchant
Hopkins, John S. 23 M Aug Not Given Consumption Farmer
Howbert, Irving Jr. 4 mo M June CO Cholera
Jacobs, Benjamin 20 M Feb Not Given Consumption Student
Janes, W.R., Mrs. 30 F Feb Not Given Brain Cong. Housewife
Jenkins, Mildred 4 mo F July CO Cholera
Johnson, Isabella 52 F Feb KY Heart Dist Housewife
Jones, E. 94 F Jan Not Given Bronchitis
Jones, Georgie N. 9 M Feb CO Diphtheria
Kindle, F.L. 32 M Mar IN Consumption Farmer
Lessel, Edwin K. 40 M Feb Scotland Liver Comp. Clergyman
Lewis, A.H. 40 M Aug Not Given Consumption Prospector
Lewis, Adnak H. 42 M Aug MI Lung Dis. Prospector
Lindsey, Cora 1 F Sep MO Brain Fever
Linn, John F. 23 M Apr IA Consumption Farmer
Long, James N. 20 M Sep IL Consumption
Longwell, Morin 2 M June KS Pneumonia
Longwell, Tilden 16 M Apr OH Pneumonia Laborer
Loomis, Julia 64 F Mar NY Pneumonia Physician
Luesley, Joseph L. 12 M Dec IL Diphtheria
Mackey, Myrtle 8 mo F Oct CO Inanition
Magee, William T. 48 M Sep KY Bowel Dis. Farmer
Malone, George 7 mo M May AR Dysentery
Maris, Nettie 1 F Aug KS Tape Worm
Marsh, Leonard 70 M Apr MA Paralysis Harness Maker
Mason, James 89 M July Not Given Dysentery Farmer
McGuire, Martin 2 M Feb CO Diphtheria
McKeeva, Stewart 22 M July NY Mountain Fever
McMorris, Herbert 5 M Apr IL Scarlet Fever
McShane Charles P. 5 M Jan CO Diphtheria
McShane, Effie P. 3 F Jan CO Diphtheria
Mitchell, Martha 40 F July Not Given Puerperal Housekeeper
Montgomery, John L. 21 M July MI Typhoid Fever Laborer
Moody, Charles 9 M Oct MO Diphtheria
Moore, Joseph W. 32 M Nov NY Typhoid Fever Physician
Morgan, Walter 18 M Nov NY Consumption
Narrimer, Roy 4 F Apr BE? Diphtheria
Newcomb, Otty 4 M June CO Diphtheria
Norris, Cora 50 M Mar NY Pneumonia Carpenter
Norton, Wallace 17 M Dec IA Pneumonia Laborer
Palmer, John J. 58 M Aug Not Given Gastritis
Perault, Eddie 3 M Jan CO Diphtheria
Phelps, George D. 32M Oct Not Given Consumption Merchant
Porter, ------ 60 F Sep CO Spine Absc. Housekeeper
Powell, George 54 M May Ireland Pneumonia Hotel Keeper (Also listed in Lake Co)
Pratt, Frank F. 16 M Dec Not Given Consumption
Quillon, Clarence 7 M May CO Diphtheria
Rea, Arthur T. 4 mo M July CO Cholera
Roberts, Herman 2 M Aug MO Meningitis
Roman, Frank H. 1 M Feb CO Croup
Roman, Mary A. 5 F Feb CO Croup
Russell, Daniel 14 M Feb CO Farm Laborer
Russell, Eliza 7 F Sep CO Diphtheria
Sharpless, Carl W. 1 M July CO Cholera
Smart, Minnie 13 F Aug CO or MO Liver or Kidney Dis.
Smith, LeRoy 1 M Nov KS Bowel Infl.
Sprague, Benjamin 66 M Dec NY Neuralgia
Stark, Florence 1 F Apr CO Diphtheria
Stith or Smith Emerine 58 F Sep Not Given Debility Housewife
Stoutenberg, Kate 19 F July IL Hemorrhage
Sullivan, Baby 1 day M Aug CO Pneumonia
Sullivan, Bertha 2 F Aug CO Dysentery
Sumner, Isabel 5 F Jan CO Diphtheria
Sweetland, Alma 5 F Apr CO Diphtheria
Templeton, Eliza 6 F Dec CO Diphtheria
Templeton, Rose 7 F Dec CO Diphtheria
Toliver, Minnie (Negro) 5 mo F Oct CO Bowel Dis
Torrance, Nellie, Miss 26 F July Not Given Brain Infl
Van Patten, Frank 3 M Apr IL Pneumonia
Walker, Gracie 6 F Mar CO Diphtheria
Walker, Pearl 4 F Mar CO Diphtheria
Walsh, Francis 1 M Jan CO Diphtheria
Wamack, Corrilla 57 F June KY Brights Dis Housewife
Wanamaker, George 25 M Apr KY Consumption Railroad Agent
Wellington, John Q. 8 mo M Jan CO Brain Edma
Wheeler, Lewis 13 M Jan NY Throat Ulc
Wheeler, Lewis 25 M Feb NY Diphtheria
White, Willie 10 M Jan CO Pneumonia
Wickersham, John E. 22 M Jan IN Consumption
Wilson, Dora J. 8 F Jan MO Diphtheria
Wilson, Frank 33 M Sep Not Given Consumption Laborer
Wilson, Martha 38 F Feb MO Consumption Housewife
Winters, Alonzo 28 M Nov PA Pleurisy
Worthington, Henry C. 10 M Feb WI Congestion
Wright, Mattie 4 F May CO Diphtheria
Wright, Nellie Bell 9 F May IA Diphtheria
Wright, Sarah E. 8 F May CO Diphtheria

Transcribed and contributed by Marta Norton (31 Dec 2000)