Marriages in El Paso County, 1880

The Colorado Springs Gazette
Wednesday, January 15, 1881; p. 4.

List of Marriages Contracted in El Paso County, Colorado During 1880

We gave last year a list of marriages contracted in 1879, as we have reason to know that list was a matter of great interest to many of our readers and has been frequently referred to since its publication. We have, therefore, collected from the books of the county clerk a similar list of marriages contracted in 1880. The following condensed table ill show the number of marriage in each month and the total number of marriages during the year.

January 6
February 5
March 4
April 5
May 3
June 4
July 8
August 5
September 7
October 9
November 11
December 9
Total 76

From the above it will be seen that November was the month chosen by the greater number of people which to be married, and that October and December are the next greatest favorites, each one of these standing upon equal term, while the merry month of May is the lowest on the list. In the first quarter of the year there were 15 marriages, in the second only 12, while the third shows an increase to 20 and the last quarter the report of all amounting to 29 which would seem to disprove the statement the poet that "In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thought of love."

Following is the list.


Wm. A. BURGESS and Adaline A. LAYTON, January 4, Justice Croffer.

H.S. POTTS and Miss Isabella MCCULLOCH, January 8, the Rev. R.T. Cross

Alexander VOLLEY and Nannie EWING, January 15, Rev. W.J. Reed

J.E. BENEDICT and Irene S. ROBINSON, January 19, Rev. W.W. Perkins

Wm. A. DACKS and Miss Adaline SMITH, January 22, Justice Bently

S.M. DILTS and Miss Sarah A. RIGS, January 28, Rev. W.L. Slutz


Charles O. DURKEE and Miss Eugenia TUTTS, February 5, R.T. Cross

Wm. MCGUIRE and Miss Mary W. WILLIAMS, February 10, Justice S.P. Clerk

Wm. E. GRINNELL and Miss Elizabeth LENNOX, February 19, T.C. Kirkwood

Joseph MANN and Miss Caroline MILLER, February 19, W.L. Slutz

R.V. KENNEDY and Miss Carrie HUDSON, February 19, T.C. Kirkwood


Geo. D. ELWELL and Miss Ettie STROPES, March 15, W.L. Slutz

Wm. FIELDING and Mrs. Abbie MAYES, March 16, Wm. A. Hyde

Frank F. CASTELLO and Miss Ida BAKER, March 24, S.P. Clark

Mr. R.M. EDWARDS and Miss Mary E. HOAG, March 28, W.L. Slutz


Con MCGINLEY and Miss Mary POWERS, April 1, Father De La Hanty

John H. LUNDY and Miss Sarah KING, April 8, R.T. Cross

Garrett QUACKENBOSS and Mrs. Pamelia A. ROSE, April 9, W.L. Slutz

Aaron MORRIS and Miss Anna BISSHOP, April 10, W.J. Reed

F.A.H. SAHRBECK and Miss Kate L. LEIBOLD, April 21, W.D. Westervelt


C.C. BRAZIL and Mrs. S.M. FOSTER, May 4, W.A. Hyde

W.H. MUMFORD and Miss Nancy E. STOUT, May 20, Justice Bentley

G.W. BRIDGE and Miss Mary MONTGOMERY, May 25, S.W. Hatch


John H. KING and Miss Beatrice FALLATIE, June 2, Father De La Hanty

Edward NEWCOMER and Miss Mary J. HUNTER, June 6, W.L. Slutz

T.C. WATSON and Miss Sarah M. WALTON, June 18, W.L. Slutz

John W. DOZIER and Miss Mary E. MUMFORD, June 29, Justice Bentley


John KERSHER and Miss Alice M. STEPHENSON, July 1, W.L. Slutz

Wm. RACHEL and Mary P. CLARK, July 4, Rev. R.T. Cross

W.C. STRIDER and Miss Alice WATKINS, July 7, Justice Cross

J.L. REIFSNIDER and Mrs. L.A. MAXWELL, July 14, W.A. Hyde

E.J. SHOBE and Miss Carrie A. SHEFFER, July 18, Rev. C.C. Creegan

N.P. HARRISON and Miss Bertha E. LARSON, July 23, Judge E.A. Colburn

W.H.C. FOLSOM and Miss Lottie MILLARD, July 25, Rev. R.T. Cross

E.F. BENNET and Miss Hannah M. HILL, July 25, Judge E.A. Colburn


H. NEFF and Miss Maggie L. RICHARDS, August 3, W.L. Slutz

Geo. BARNDOLLAR and Miss Lizzie J. GAGE, August 4, Dr. Willis Lord

Robt. E. OSTEM and Mattie M. LYNCH, August 11, Rev. B.A.P. Eaton

Louis W. GEIGER and Miss Charlotte MORRILL, August 15, T.C. Kirkwood, D.D.

Alfred REECE and Miss Mary MAGINGAN, August 18, Father De La Hantly


D.J. LAMBERT and Miss Mary HALSHEAD, September 1, Rev. W.L. Slutz

James HELLER and Miss Emma MONROE, September 1, Rev. R.T. Cross

J. HULGARD and Miss Mary L. WEST, September 2, Rev. W.D. Westervelt

A.N. KNIGHT and Miss Rachael F. GRANGER, September 4, Rev. T.C. Kirkwood

Frank W. HEMENWAY and Miss Mary J. MONTGOMERY, September 5, W.L. Slutz

Geo. H. MCMILLEN and Miss F.L. RIDDLE, September 9, T.C. Kirkwood

J.A. NEFF and Miss Margaret WARREN, September 13, Rev. S.W. Hatch


H.B. QUINBY and Miss Lucy J. REDMAN, October 5, Deacon Easterly

Alexander MCGAUGH and Miss Louisa POWERS, October 6, Rev. W.G. Reed

Fred LOUTHER and Miss Malania NEFF, October 7, W.L. Slutz

Henry SMELTZER and Miss Levina POTTER, October 15, Rev. R.T. Cross

John RYAN and Miss Hattie SMELTZER, October 15, Rev. R.T. Cross

Geo. D. WALKER and Rachael DYSERT, October 18, Clergyman R.T. Cross

Eugene T. WOLVERTON and Miss R.L. COPELAND, October 21, T.C. Kirkland

Newton C. HULL and Miss Luella J. TWEED, October 20, T.C. Kirkland, D.D.

Geo. L. BANKS and Nevada E. SCOTT, October 29, Clergyman R.T. Cross


R.J. KRAGUE and Miss Jennie CUMBERLAND, November 3, Rev. R.T. Cross

A.H. HARRISON and Miss Dora M. SHIDELER, November 4, Rev. W.L. Slutz

Henry HOLMES and Miss Belle MOORE, November 5, Justice Bently

B.F. LACY and Miss Martha F. JOHNSON, November 5, S.W. Hatch

S.P. KIRKPATRICK and Miss Ella MARSH, November 6, Rev. W.L. Slutz

O.G. CASWELL and Miss Alice BLOW, November 12, Rev. W.L. Slutz

Tracy Elsie CAREY and Josephine COLEMAN, November 12, Father De La Hanty

John MCCABE and Mary GLANCY, November 18, Father De La Hanty

R.P. WILLIAMS and Miss Augusta SAYER, November 18, Rev. P.A. Rice

J.G. MCCONNELL and Miss Clara G. WELL, November 24, Willis Lord, D.D.

Thos. H. BENTON and Miss Jane FLOWERS, November 25, Justice Bently

Geo. THOMPSON and Miss R.A. MACKEY, November 30, Deacon J.P. Easterly


Chas. E. CHAPMAN and Fannie BERGENS, December 2, Rev. W.L. Slutz

Jacob E. KOLLE and Miss Dora SHEPHARD, December 14, W.L. Slutz

V.E. SMITH and Miss Anna G. MURRAY, December 16, Rev. W.L Slutz

Andrew F. SNYDER and Mrs. Margaret A. PEARSON, December 21, Rev. W.L. Slutz

Benj. F. ROBBINS and Miss Susie M. STEPHENSON, December 22, Rev. W.L. Slutz

F.W. ERENBERGH and Miss Mattie MONROE, December 24, Rev. R.T. Cross

N.J. JONES and Miss Julia CASEY, December 25, Rev. W.G. Reed

W.H. GORDON and Miss Delia CLARK, December 28, Rev. W.L. Slutz

F.E. ROSE and Laura E. SHIDELER, December 30, Rev. W.L. Slutz.

Transcribed by Marta Norton (24 April, 2000)