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Barclay Cemetery
in Paulding

Take Bond Falls road E. 2 miles, turn right onto the Bond Falls access road.  Barclay Cemetery is owned and maintained by Upper Peninsula Power Company. There are eleven known graves.

Deceased Date of death/age Place of
Parents Place of Birth Cause of Death
Baby Anderson 5-29-03,
age 0
Haight Twp. Henry Anderson
Lizzy Anderson
Michigan born dead
Paul Anderson 5-30-01,
age 3
Haight Twp. John Anderson
Charlotte Johnson
Michigan diptheria
Leander Brisette 4-16-01,
age 13
Haight Twp. Antone Brisette
Mary Laundrey
Wisconsin pneumonia
Clyde Bruette 12-20-04,
age 8 days
McMillan Twp. Adolph Bruette
Mollie Gokey
Michigan pneumonia
Robert Bruette 7-26-01,
age 2
Haight Twp. Adolph Bruette
Rose Carr
Michigan mumps
Rose Jane Bruette 6-26-01,
age 19
Haight Twp. W.W. Carr
Mary Jane Gold
Michigan consumption
Gilbert Loyd Daniels 3-22-02 Ontonagon Edward Daniels
Mary Coffee
Ontonagon typhoid fever
Lucile Daniels 7-9-01,
age 2
Haight Twp. H. Daniels
Edith Bonette
Michigan measles
Unamed McLeod 8-24-98,
age 2 mos.
Haight Twp. Angus McLeod
Christine McMillan
Michigan unknown
Lydia Caroline Sexton 4-11-02,
age 3 mos.
Barclay, MI Berry Sexton
Lucy Cummings
Michigan pneumonia
William Sexten 5-11-02,
age 11
Barclay, MI Perry Sexten
Lucy Cummings
Wisconsin consumption