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Methodist Rose Cemetery
Rockland, Rockland Township

Monument Transcriptions

Monumental inscriptions copied from the Methodist Rose Cemetery, Rockland, Michigan by Mrs. Moira Tangye (Secretary of the Cornish-American Connection) Reduth, Cornwall, England, and Mrs. Richard (June) Ross of Redland, California.

Elizabeth MICHELL & H J LEWIS   June 13,1888

Joseph HUDDLESTON d. Aug 18,1882 56y 8m 3d
[....] son to E.T. & Sarah RODGERS, d Mar 12,1862 10w 4d
Schuyler Colfax, son of E.T. & S.L. ROGERS
drowned Aug 25,1869  aged 2
Warner R., son of W.E. & Mary PARNELL [his 2nd wife]
d. Mar 28,1890  age 2y 10m
Harriet Ann RULE, dau of John & Harriet RULE
d. July 20,1873 age 14y 7m
Elizabeth SPARGO          d. Dec 27,1885 - 34
Elizabeth Estella SPARGO  d. Aug 7,1879 - 5y 28d
Matthew TREWELLO          d. Aug 21,1873 - 42
Little Joseph Elmer, son of B & E CHYNOWETH
d. Feb 20,1864 - 2y [...]
Walter, son of N & E SPARGO d. Aug 12(?), 1873 - 2y 28d
Charlotte, eldest dau of John & Mary JAMES
d. Jun 30,1871 - 16y 9m
Philip Roberts            d. Oct 11,1882 - 54
William, son of P Roberts d. Apr 23[....] 17
John THOMAS, native of Camborne, Cornwall, England
d. Sep 1,1862 - 41
John POPE, native of Breage, Cornwall, England
d. Dec 18,1861 aged 28
Wm. D. HARRIS, native of Camborne, Cornwall, England
d. Oct 10,1861 - age 36
In memory of Fanny, wife of Captn Henry RICHARDS if Cornwall, England,  Jan 20,1839 - 39
Samuel A. REED
d. Oct 5,1863 - 26y 6m 9d
Wm. CRELLIN, native of Isle of Man, d. 186[??]
Mary Jane, wife of James HOSKING, d. Jan 13,1861 - 19y 10m
[child] of Thomas & Eliza DUNN,   d. Oct 7,1860 - 2y 2m 10d
Thomas TONKIN, native of Cornwall, England [...] Aug 31 [...]
from the effects of injury received national mine - 36
Charles, son of William & Ann BROOKS
born at Ellogan, County of Cornwall, England
d. Aug 14,1856 21y 2m 26d
Francis              Frances

Martha                William

children of W & E HARRIS {dates illegible}
Thomas GRIBBLE 1819 - 1884
Elizabeth GRIBBLE 1820 - 1885
Mrs. Grace WILLIAMS      d. Feb 1,1878 - 43y 7m
Mrs. Elizabeth COX       d. Apr 25,1878 - 22y
Elizabeth A STEPHENS, wife of Tobias, d. May 9,1893 - 63y 11m
Tobias STEPHENS          d. Oct 15,1891 - 61y 9m 23d

End of recordings made on Aug 3,1995
L. June Ross and Moira Tangye