Kittson County is the northwestern-most county in the State of Minnesota. The county seat is Hallock, located along the Red River of the North.  The western part of the County, which is part of the fertile Red River Valley, produces bountiful crops of wheat, barley, sugar beets, sunflowers, canola, and soybeans. The eastern part of the county is known for its abundant wildlife population. Agricultural endeavors in this part of the county consist of ranching, hay land and small grains.

The county is named after Norman W. Kittson, an early fur trader and partner of the American Fur Company. He increased the fur trading traffic significantly by increasing the use of oxcarts. He was also responsible for the pioneering of the steamboat in the Red River and was active in the development of the railroad. His contributions played an important role in the settlement of the county. The county was officially organized on February 25, 1879, having been part of the Pembina District prior to that time. The county also included the western portion of what is now Roseau County until 1894.

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