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    Name: Scott M. Gress

    ROCHUS and ANNA GRESS lived in Dickenson/Richardton vic. 1900-1920. Children Johnny, Eddie, Raymond, Clara and Gertrude (Gigi). May have immigrated from the Ukraine (Gresz?). Grateful for any information.

    Petri Talbott
    Name: Suzy
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    July 20, 1999

    We're looking for information on a marriage between John Talbott and Barbara Petri that supposedly took place in Dickinson, Stark County, ND on 8/11/1907. It is believed that their first child,Florence, was born there 7/17/1908. The family moved to Illinois, then to Samsula, Florida in 1922, then Delray Beach, FL 1940. We would like to learn the names of John's parents.
    We have a lot of information on the Petri family if anyone needs it.
    We really appreciate the help of other genealogy buffs out there, we know how much time it takes to research records.

    Thank you, Suzy & Susan

    > Name: Laura Scheinoha
    June 17, 1999 Looking for information on CP "Pete" PETERSON, a horse trader near Daglum at the turn of the century, his wife Minnie, and her nephew Loren WHITE, whom she raised. Later, cousins Ben and Joe WHITE and father Freeborn WHITE came from Minnesota to Daglum as homesteaders. Freeborn's daughter Ruth married Robert MILLER and daughter Alma married Otto SCHULTZ. Sara STENERSON, a teacher, boarded with the MILLERs in Dickinson and married Loren.
    June 17, 1999
    Name: Kelleyene Trnka
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    Help me with info on my family. My grandfather was born in 1912 in the Dickinson area, VICTOR JOSEPH KACALEK (deceased 1984). I need to know about his parents, etc., who homesteaded in the Dickinson area in about 1885, probably by the name of KRALICEK. After the 1900's they taught their children they were Americans and didn't need to know their roots. Now, it is very important for me and my family to know.

    May 24, 1999
    Tom Newman
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    I looking for any info on the Flohr family they lived in the Lefer area in the 1900's they were from Austria Hungery area. Carl Flohr was my great grand he was kill by a marshal in montana in 1917. I think some of his family my be buried in the lefer area. any info would be helpful.I have more info on Carls childran and about his death .thank you for your intrest

    May 12, 1999
    Name:Shauna Henke
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    I am looking for info on Jacob HAUSKEN and his wife, Florence MONTY. Jacob was from Norway and filed his naturalization papers in Stark county. I believed he also stayed in that area until all his children were born. one of his sons was Norman HAUSKEN. Any info would be appreciated!

    May 4, 1999
    Name:Nancy Westenfield
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    Clara Augusta Dora GOBLER B. 1887 in WI mm. Christian KUNZ in Dickinson,Stark Cty,ND. Searching for anyone who was familiar with the two people who were well known in Dickinson.

    Clara is buried in Dickinson she diedin 1921. Would like to know the name of the cemetery she is buried in, funeral services were at the Congregational Church.

    Anyone interested in writing to me, I will be in Dickinson, ND on June 1st to do some research and would like to talk to anyone who knows the above.

    Nancy Westenfield

    May 4, 1999
    Name: Peggy Price
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    I am looking for the descendants of Tony & Anna (GOETZ) BANYAI. They lived in Richardton, ND
    Freer, Grosser, Schmidt, and Reiss
    May 2, 1999
    Name: Lenora Lee

    My daughter has asked me to reseach my family history. The above surnames were my grandparents names. They immigrated from Banat at the turn of the century and homesteaded in western North Dakota. Can you advise me which specific records to research for their arrival to North Dakota? Thank you.

    April 19, 1999
    Name: Darryl Nash
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    Looking for any information on Emil Duckhorn who was born in Dickinson, North Dakota February 04, 1907 any information on siblings or parents would be appreciated

    April 18, 1999
    Name: Jackie Niemeyer

    Looking for information on an Otto STOLTZ and Margaret FIX who came to Stark Co. ND about 1910 from Russia . Their children were Raphael ( Ray ), Margaret and Daniel. Supposedly Margaret FIX STOLTZ was working for the royal family of Nicholas II in Russia before the revolution and they came over on the ship the Mayflower. Would like to be able to prove the connection to the royal family and find their immigration papers and cemetery where they're buried.

    April 16, 1999
    Name: John V. Reeb

    Seeking any information such as births, deaths, marriages, burials etc. to help document history and genealogy of a RAPP family who lived in Stark County, North Dakota.

    April 14, 1999
    Peggy Price
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    I am looking for any descendants of Rosalea EMENET and Heinrich BRANDT. Peggy Price, 1007 Butter Road,Bonneau Beach, SC 29431-8670

    Esse, Rue
    April 1, 1999
    Name: Mike Oiseth
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    Seeking information about Andrew L. Esse, b Albert Lea, Minnesota in 1870s. In Stark County on 25 August 1897 he married Ingeborg Rue. Any evidence of this couple in the county will be appreciated.

    March 27, 1999
    >Peggy Price
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    Peter and Katherine (LUI) Goetz came over from Joseffalva, Banat, Romania about 1884. One of their son's, John Peter married Josephine EMENET daughter of Anton & Rosalia (HOEHNA)EMENET. The KLUPP sons residing in LeFor married into the Goetz family. Would love to share information with any relatives!

    Peggy Price
    1007 Butter Road

    March 24, 1999
    Name: Mary Ellen Lanigan Reisenauer

    Stark County North Dakota:
    I can share info on these surnames of the Germans from Russia. Also villages of Karlruhe, Rastadt and Gut (ESTATE OF)Reisenhauer, all of Southern Russia>Odessa I have all my Reisenauer family back to Baden, Maslch Germany 1700, starting with Joseph Reisenauer. Thanks!
    Mary Ellen Lanigan Reisenauer
    p.o. Box 832
    San Bruno, California 94066

    March 20, 1999
    Name: Dave Dreyer or Josette Hatter

    We are searching for first person accounts by Germans from Hungary(Banaters) who homesteaded in Southwestern North Dakota, particularly, Stark, Hettinger, Mercer and Morton counties. We are searching for manuscripts which were written by original immigrants from the Banat describing life in the homeland, the trip to America and/or homesteading experiences in SW North Dakota Those who may have such material or know of their existence please contact;
    David Dreyer
    2325 Donegal
    South San Francisco, Calif 94080
    Josette Hatter
    23297 Pompeii Dr
    Dana Point, Calif 92629

    February 25, 1999
    Name: Marcia Hardesty

    Seeking info on Millard F. KLINEFELTER b 1858 MD, d bef 1919 Seattle, WA, resided in Dickenson, ND Stark Co. abt 1882- 1900, s/o Charles H. KLINEFELTER/ Mary N. __, m 19 Feb 1880 Ramsey Co. MN to Estella Mae VANPELT b 30 May 1860 IA, d 1919 Seattle, WA, Children: Harry Webster, Roy Filmore, George Millard, LuLu May, Lillian Mae, Nellie Virginia, Lester William, and Ruth Mary.
    Also seeking info on Estella Mae VANPELT's sister Lillian Elizabeth b 1874 Decorah, IA Winneshiek Co., m __ KLINFELTER pos in Dickenson Stark Co. ND, daughters Alice KLINEFELTER b 1891 Dickenson, ND and Gertrude M. KLINEFELTER b 1895 Dickenson.
    Marcia Hardesty

    February 16, 1999
    Name: Donna

    I am searching for the burial place of 3 GEHRT children, Ray Christian GEHRT b abt 1915, Walter Peter GEHRT b abt 1919, and Inez Theresa GEHRT b abt 1920. They are children of Lewis Frank GEHRT 1889- 1958, and Katherine HANSSEN GEHRT 1885-1975. I believe Lewis Frank GEHRT is buried near Dickinson North Dakota. Does anyone have a cemetery book that they might check for me?

    Monday, February 8, 1999
    Name: jeffrey flink

    Monday, February 1, 1999
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    Looking for information on Martin MAGELKY and/or Katherine JASSMANN who immigrated to Taylor, ND from Russia. They had a daughter Maria(Mary) in 1915. I know his parents are Mathias MAGELKY and Katherine GARTNER of Russia. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated.

    Junkert and Sprenger
    Friday, January 29, 1999
    Name: Renee Davis
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    I am looking for any information on Adam and Christina Junkert. Adam was born in Kassel Russia on April 28, 1884, Christina was born I believe in North Dakota on April 8 1885. They had my father on June 13, 1914. There were 7 other children. I don't know who their parents were, please help if you can. Send any responses directly to my email address

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    Looking for any information on the GARTNER and KOHLER surnames. My gr.grandfather, JACOB GARTNER, b. 5/1856 in Russia, and his wife MARGARET KOHLER, b. 2/1857, in Russia, came to the US in 1889 with children: RAYMOND, b. 6/1885, SEBASTIAN, b. 9/1886, and MATHILDA, b. 10/1888. The family lived in Stark County from 1889-1895, then relocated to Scotland, Hutchison County, SD and on to Leipzig, Saskatchewan in 1905. Looking for ancestry information and info on brothers and sisters that may have come to Stark County from Russia.




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    I am looking for BERGER and KOTTENBROCK, particularly ANTON JOHN BERGER, b. Odessa, possibly Landau, who emigrated at the age of 6 months, in 1891/92, with his mother and father and 4 other families. They all homesteaded near the Dickinson area. His siblings were:

    Marcus who married Marie ? , Veronica, Magdela, and a 3rd sister.

    In 1917/1918, he married ELIZABETH KOTTENBROCK, b. near Glen Ullin, ND. I believe that the family's original name was Bergere and that they came from Alsace-Lorraine on the border of France and Germany. My grandfather, Anton, studied for the priesthood for 4 years in Richardton, where he learned the printing trade. Later the family moved to Fargo and then Reynolds/Grand Forks, where grandpa had a printing shop and was postmaster for Reynolds. They later moved to the Los Angeles area, where he was a linotype operator for one of the major newspapers. He died in Los Angeles in 1969. Grandma died in the late 70's - early 80's at the age of 84.
    Any imput would be appreciated.


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    WILLIAM ALBERT STARK reportedly had Stark County named after him. He married my Gr. Aunt, CYNTHIA AGNES ROSE, in 1885. I have been unable to locate much information regarding his life other than he had five children and was reportedly a "ladies man". CYNTHIA divorced him and moved to Chelais, WA., and lived there with her daughter Hazel until her death in 1927. I would appreciate any information on William while he lived in Stark County or other places.
    Carlos D. "Monty" Montgomery



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    Would like any information regarding the Froelich family from Dickinson. FRANK FROELICH and JULIA FISCHER (both born in Russia) had 14 children (according to family recollection), one of which was my grandfather, DOMINIC FROELICH, born 1901, in Dickinson. He had a sister, GENEVIEVE FROELICH PATTERSON, who lived in Dickinson all her life. Other known siblings were ODELIA MESSNER, KATHRYN, WILLIAM A., JACK, PETER, MARY, EDWARD AND ......?

    Thanks, Tami Froelich


    email Hilda


    ANTON C. FOCHT and KATHERINA SCHUCH FOCHT emigrated to the US from Setchan, Banat, Hungary in 1898, their destination was Stark County, ND. They were accompanied by children: GEORGE, THERESIA, and NICHOLAUS. What happened to NICHOLAUS?

    Have information to exchange. Hilda Focht Glasgow


    JOHANN SCHWARTZ and step daughter MARIA ARNOLD emigrated to the US in May 1903 from Dolatz in Banat, Hungary. ANNA ARNOLD, PETER ARNOLD and step son PETER SCHWARTZ followed them to the US in 1904 and all settled in Stark Co., ND
    ANNA ARNOLD and GEORGE FOCHT married in 1910 and raised a family and lived out their lives in Stark County, ND.

    Hilda Focht Arnold




    Looking for a contact person who can provide information on descendants of MARTIN and ROSE (HECK) METZ. ROSE HECK b: 18 May 1890, m. Jan. 1909 to MARTIN METZ, b: 4 Jan. 1886. They lived in the Dickinson area.

    Also looking for any information on ADAM HECK, b: 2 Sep. 1900, probably in Dickinson. I found his information in "Pioneers and their Sons, Vol. I", but none of the family remembers him. Perhaps he died in infancy.

    These two people are my grandmother ELIZABETH (HECK) SCHAFF'S siblings.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Delores Schrage



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    GENGLER - FREDERICK AND KATHERINE GENGLER moved to Dickinson from Slope Co. in the 1920's.

    Their son JOHN FREDERICK GENGLER has resided in Dickinson for most of his life (b. 1916) and he and his wife ESTHER ( HOPFAUF) GENGLER have raised 14 children there.

    HOPFAUF- HILARY HOPFAUF migrated to the US and Dickinson in 1912 and spent all of his life there until he died in 1983 at the age of 97. His son HILARY HOPFAUF, JR. has lived in Dickinson his entire life.

    John Gengler



    email Hilda

    KATHREIN - Seeking info on this family who came from Hungary to ND. ANTON & EVA FOCHT KATHREIN were in Hettinger Co. They and/or other family members came to Stark Co.

    >Any info appreciated.
    Hilda Focht Glasgow


    email Duane and Carol

    George MISCHEL emigrated to Richardton ND with 1st wife Theresis WEBER who died in 1902. Second wife Mathilda BOESPFLUG married in Glendive, MT. they moved from Richardton to Mischel settlement then to Dickinson, ND with family. Parents of George were Ferdinand MISCHEL and Marian
    GARTNER who lived in Richardton, ND.

    Duane and Carol Mischel


    email Marcia

    I happened to run across your Stark County Web Page, and was hoping you could help me. My maternal grandpa & grandma lived North of Dickinson (New Hradic)for most of their lives, but it is in Dunn County and there is no contact name for that county. I'm looking for any information on the surnames of Barta, Kubas, Kudrna, Luptak, or Urbanic in Stark or Dunn counties. If you can supply any information for further research it would be much appreciated.

    I'm fairly new at this genealogy research, but my ultimate goal is to research my grandpa's family back to Russia, and my grandma's family back to Czechoslovakia.

    Here's a brief list of names of my relatives:
    Josef Kudrna (1835??-1889)
    Antonia Urbanic Kudrna (1835-1929)

    Josef Kudrna (1869-1934)
    Maria Victoria Kubas Kudrna (1871-1948)

    Joseph J. Kudrna (1892-1968) buried in New Hradic, ND
    Rose Luptak Kudrna (1892-1995) buried in New Hradic,ND

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Marcia M. Laird


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    I am looking for information on the Robert LEE family, a miller/lumberman who moved to the GLADSTONE, Stark Co. area in 1881 from
    Leelanau Co., MI d ca 1900.

    Thanks, Sherri Slater


    email Ron

    Researching Herman HERBST who was listed in 1870 census in Canton Twnshp.
    No luck on Stark Cty Gene. page.
    Ron J


    email Marcia

    Millard KLINEFELTER b Jan 1858 MD, d bef 1919 Seattle, WA, m Feb 1880 to Estella Mae VANPELT in Minnasota. In Dickenson, ND Stark Co aft 1880. Children all born in Dickenson; Harry Webster, Roy Filmore, George Millard,
    Lillian Mae, Nellie Virginia, Lester William, Ruth Mary, and Lulu May. Lillian Elizabeth VANPELT sister of Estella also resided in Dickenson, ND Stark Co, m __ KLINEFELTER, Children born in Dickenson; Alice KLINEFELTER, Gertrude M. KLINEFELTER.

    Marcia Hardesty



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    email Barbara

    I am looking for information about the following family found on the 1900 census for Dickinson township, Stark County: John MCDONOUGH, widower,age 43, born Ireland; daughters all born in ND; Kate age 16, Hellen age 14, Anne age 10, Alice age 8. Particularly would like to know who John's wife was. Would appreciate any help.


    Barbara Hammer



    Invalid Email Address

    I am doing research on John Friend my great grandfather I know he settled in the area- and his wife died there
    in Dickenson N.D. in 1924- He was supposedly already passed away shortly before. I sent in to Bismark for search and they couldn't find any record of death-
    He was born in 1876 in Germany according to marriage certificate - stating he resided in Bellfield- N.D. when he married AugusteNeumann- does this town sound familiar to you?
    Any suggestions for further search on death certificate?
    Thank You very much,
    Lynn Thompson<


    email Pat

    Searching for descendents of CHARLES A. TEAR and wife MARGARET MCKENZIE RETFORD. They came to Dickinson, Stark County about 1885 with two sons CHARLES L. and GEORGE H. Margaret is buried in Dickinson. Her sister
    ELIZABETH RETFORD WEIDERMAN, ran a boarding house in Dickinson about 1900, she married WILLIAM BARR a boarder. Would like to hear from anyone doing research on these lines.
    Pat Crimmel


    email John

    The 1920 census for Stark County, ND lists the following people as living at
    13th Ave S. in Dickinson:
    WILHELM, John(44), Wilhelm, Anamarie(43), Wilhelm, Fred (18), Wilhelm, Jacob(15), Wilhelm, Frances(13), Wilhelm, Magdalana(8), MEYER, Elizabeth(15), Meyer,John(13), Meyer, Mike(10), Meyer, Frances(9).
    Anamarie EHRESMAN-PHLIGER-Meyer-Wilhelm was my maternal grandmother. Elizabeth Meyer-WILZ-FROEHLICH was my mother. Frances Meyer-Cook, my aunt, is still alive and mentally alert. She said that the step-brothers and sisters never did keep track of each other. I do know that Jacob Wilhelm married Molly KLUG.. John Wilhelm was born 6/17/1875 in Russia. He died in Dickinson on10/28/1946. He and my grandmother seperated, but did not divorce, in the
    late 30’s or early 40’s. I would like to find out what happened to the members of my Grandmother’s “step-family”.

    John P. Wilz from MS


    Invalid Email Address

    I'm under the impression that Stark Co. and Dickinson were at one time, one in the same. If I'm wrong, my apologies. I'm researching the name BEEDLE from Dickinson, ND. It is said that my g. grandparents are both buried there. My g. grandmother's name is Bertha BEEDLE and lived to over 100 years old. She was born around 1864. I'm not sure when my g. grandfather Jacob BEEDLE died. Anyone that has any info on them please email me. Thanks and Happy Hunting!

    Cathy Scaife (nee: BEEDLE)


    Invalid Email Address

    I am searching for information on the Oie family homestead in Margo. It was my grandfather Ole Oie that came to Margo from Litchville N.D. USA. I would like to document the year.
    Thanks Kay Hellem


    email bouncing, please update

    What do you have on the LENNEVILLE family of Dickinson. First names are: Moses, Anna Marie Harker Lenneville, Esther, Joseph, John, Edward, William. Also Messersmith family of Dickinson?




    MISCHEL, Ferdinand and family originally stayed in Richardton then homesteaded in what became known as the Mischel area NW of Dickinson. Most of the family then moved into Dickinson.


    email Robert

    One of first 3 families to settle in Dickinson.
    Father's name: Moses
    Mother's name: Anna Marie Harker
    Children's names: Joseph Gustavous, John L., Edward C., William Henry, Esther. William H. Lenneville was postmaster of Dickinson. Edward C.Lenneville worked in the Post Office. Joseph G. Lenneville married Mary Sylvia Morris of Dickinson and moved to Forest Grove, Oregon. Grandchild born in Dickinson April 29, 1998: Clarence Henry Lenneville, who lived in Portland, Oregon and was a Battalion Chief in the Portland Fire Bureau.
    I have much more information if you're interested.
    Robert M Lenneville
    San Antonio, Texas




    Looking for any and all info on grandfather Leonard STICKEY (Leonhart STICKA), came to U. S. (German from Russia) 1892 intent and citizenship Dickinson, 1900 went to Montana had 8 children here. Had 3 children in Dickinson: Rose, Elizabeth and Florence Monica. Owned land in Stark Co. Believe his sister and her family came to U. S. at the same time she being Monica Gieser with 1 daughter and husband, they resided in Dickinson. Leonard married Katherine ROTH daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (ESKERMAN) ROTH they resided in Dickinson also then to Montana. Leonard's mother was Elizabeth (SCHWINDT), don't know what happened to Leonard's father but his mother remarried Franz Heck in Russia. Catherine's sister Barbara is believed to have married a Martin Fry???? Hope to hear from someone with
    rays of hope.



    email Arthur

    Seeking informantion on John RICHARDS born abt 1760 in MD d 23 Oct 1823 in Stark County, OH - m 22 Nov 1781 Catherine (MC CLARY) ARNOLD in Frederick County, MD - had a son William W RICHARDS who m Mary (Polly) ADAMS in Portage County OH 31 Aug 1824.
    Arthur Cook
    Charlotte, NC


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    Johann W. Gruschus, Mary Gruschus n. Pelton?, Harrison John Gruschus, Howard Goldberg Gruschus. 1875-1940

    Cheryl Tue
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    28 Apr 1998
    Looking for information on descendants of Jacob and/ or Joseph KASBERG immigrated from Russia to Stark Co abt 1903.
    Thanks, Cheryl

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    29 Jul 1998
    I am trying to locate any descendants of my grandfather, HENRY RICH MERITON, who died in Gladstone, Stark Co., ND on 5 May 1904. His daughter, IDA AKIN MERITON who married IRA LAWRENCE may have settled in this area and other children were ELLA LOUISE LAWRENCE who married FENN WADSWORTH PELTON; LILLIAN MAE LAWRENCE who married HERBERT C. MORRELL and LUTHER C. LAWRENCE who married ETHEL JOSEPHINE BENSON. Mr. Meriton was from Wisconsin (Cornwall, England) and may have moved to ND late in his life. Any help in finding information about this family would be greatly appreciated.

    email Karen Johnson
    22 Aug 1998
    I am looking for any information on Frank KREHLIK and Antonia KOLAR who came to the U.S. from the Crimea arriving in the U.S. on Dec 23, 1905 on the ship BRUCE. They came to Dickinson on the Great Northern RR and stayed with Frank Tuhy Sr when they arrived. They homesteaded in Billings County. Any information on these or any of the Krehliks would be greatly appreciated. Thank You in advance for your time.

    Invalid Email Address
    Fri, 11 Sep 1998
    I am searching for information regarding my maternal great-grandfather John (Johannes) Schmidt. He emigrated to Richardton, ND in the 1890's. He had 8 (possibly 9) children, John, Peter, Barbara, Julia, Katherine Agnes (my grandmother born Feb. 14 or 15, 1897, in Richardton), Eva, Marie and Frank. I believe that he was a blacksmith and owned a large farm just outside the city of Richardton. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Marie L Harris

    email Patricia Herigon
    10 Nov 1998
    Looking for info on Jacob Roth and wife Elizabeth Eskerman Roth who came to the US in 1892. Children: Catherine (married Leonard (Leonhard Sticka) Stickey in Stark Co.; John; Barbara (married Martin Frey in Stark Co.); Frank; Maggie (married Silloway Stark Co. ?); Rosa; Anna; and Augustine (he's the only one born in US rest Born in Russia, but came to the states with parents).
    Have some info on Catherine and Barbara, need lots more. Any and all help greatly appreciated.

    Mary Ellen
    Invalid Email Address
    10 Nov 1998
    If anyone is interested in The German Russian's, my Reisenauer's are of this group. I am willing to share what info I have in my files. also: Kilwein, Ihly, Bosch ect::::: Mary Ellen Lanigan Reisenauer

    Sat, 14 Nov 1998
    I am looking for information or obituaries on Sophia MEYER (died 1921), William B. MEYER (died 1936), Anna S. E. MEYER (died 1915) and William C. MEYER (died 1915). They are buried in the Dickinson Cemetery.

Stark County