Seated in northeastern Texas against the Oklahoma border is Wilbarger County. The County was established in 1858 from lands formerly assigned to the Bexar District. Its rolling plains are surfaced by sandy, loam, and waxy soils that support tall grasses, mesquite, and oak trees. Wilbarger is bordered by the Texas counties of Archer, Wichita, Baylor, Foard and Hardeman, and the Oklahoma counties of Jackson and Tillman. Until the 1870s, the area that is now Wilbarger County was part of the buffalo hunting ground of the Wanderers Band of Comanche. The first Great Western Trail drives came through the county and crossed the Red River near Doan's Crossing.

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Pictured in the sidebar of this page: (top) Wilbarger County's first courthouse, built in 1890; (bottom) Corwin Doan's store, built in 1878.


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