Wilson County Almanac

Wilson County is on the upper coastal plain of South Texas. Four major highways serve the county, U.S. highways 87 and 181 and State highways 97 and 123. Transportation needs are also served by the Southern Pacific Railroad.

Wilson County covers 807 miles with an elevation of 300 to 600 feet above sea level. The terrain is nearly flat to gently undulating, surfaced by deep loamy soils with clayey subsoils that support grasses, mesquite, blackjack, post oak, live oak, thorny shrubs, and cacti.

The county consists of 809 square miles with a 2000 population density of 40.2 residents per square mile. The average density in Texas is 79.6 persons per square mile which is the same as the national average. Wilson County is the 83rd largest of the 254 counties in Texas, with an estimated population of 32,408 in 2000.

The western portion of the county is drained by the San Antonio River, the eastern portion by Cibolo and Ecleto creeks. The climate is subtropical sub-humid, with mild winters and warm summers.

Crops include peanuts, hay, sorghum, oats, wheat, corn, watermelons, peaches, and pecans. A watermelon jubilee is held each June in Stockdale and a peanut festival is held each October in Floresville.

General information about Wilson County

Official Site: Wilson County
Population: 36,726
Area: 807 sq. miles
County Seat: Floresville
Area Code(s): 830
Time Zone: Central

Founded 1860
 - Land:  807 sq mi
 - Water:  

2 sq mi, 0.20% Population
 - (2000)
 - Density
41/sq mi (16/kmē)

Wilson County was named for Somervell expedition member and legislator James C. Wilson. This county is part of the San Antonio, TX Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Between 31 and 40 percent of the land in the county is considered prime farmland. The average growing season in Wilson County is 280 days with the first freeze generally occurring around December 1.

Farming 1987 1997 2007
Number of Farms  1,746 1,794 2,570
Acres of Farmland  448,022 445,798 467,187
Average Size of Farm (acres)  257 248 182

Agriculture in Wilson County
Average size of farms: 207 acres
Average value of agricultural products sold per farm: $19799
Average value of crops sold per acre for harvested cropland: $101.24
The value of nursery, greenhouse, floriculture, and sod as a percentage of the total market value of agricultural products sold: 3.02%
The value of livestock, poultry, and their products as a percentage of the total market value of agricultural products sold: 82.21%
Average total farm production expenses per farm: $25423
Harvested cropland as a percentage of land in farms: 16.82%
Irrigated harvested cropland as a percentage of land in farms: 13.09%
Average market value of all machinery and equipment per farm: $36919
The percentage of farms operated by a family or individual: 93.97%
Average age of principal farm operators: 56 years
Average number of cattle and calves per 100 acres of all land in farms: 21.75
Milk cows as a percentage of all cattle and calves: 3.24%
Corn for grain: 9018 harvested acres
All wheat for grain: 3018 harvested acres
Soybeans for beans: 14 harvested acres
Vegetables: 684 harvested acres
Land in orchards: 638 acres

Population History

1870 2,556 1960 13,267
1880 7,118 1970 13,041
1890 10,655 1980 16.756
1900 13,961 1990 22.650
1910 17,066 2000 32,408
1920 17,289 2005 37,529
1930 17,606 2008 40,398
1940 17,066 2009 36,726
1950 14,672    

Wilson County historical area-adjusted tornado activity is significantly below Texas state average. It is 2.0 times below overall U.S. average.

Temperatures in January range from an average low of 40° to an average high of 65° F and in July range from 74° to 96° F.  Rainfall in Wilson County averages 29.4 inches per year as compared to the Texas average of 28.1 inches per year.

Wilson County Occupations

The county civilian labor force of Wilson County in 2001 shows the following:

Industry  Jobs Percentage
Natural Resources & Mining 180 3%
Construction 285 6%
Manufacturing 311 5%
Trade, Transportation & Utilities 1,005 20%
Information 71 1%
Financial Activities 90 2%
Professional & Business Services 175 3%
Education & Health Services 811 16%
Leisure & Hospitality 341 7%
Other Services 93 2%
Nonclassifiable 0 0%
Federal Government 58 1%
State Government 83 2%
Local Government 1,707 34%


Adjacent counties

Distances from the county seat of Floresville (Miles)

Austin 84
Amarillo 471
Brownsville 226
Dallas 266
El Paso 528
Houston 172