Crane, Hall and Mason Family Information

Submitted by Stacey Davis November 3,2000


Crane Family

This newspaper article is about Daniel and Catherine Crane who were some of the first pioneers in Seattle.  The parents of Laura Etta Crane Hall Peters.


Laura Crane Hall Peters

Several newspaper articles were written about Mrs. Peter's and her involvement.

Laura Crane Hall Peter's Photo

Pursuing the Myth of Equality

A Female Suffrage Organization

Woman Suffrage

The Woman's Meeting

That Indignation Meeting

Laura Peter's Obituary

19th Century Social Movements

Laura's first husband was Judge Isaac M. Hall and the following are copies of his obituaries.

Copy one, Copy two 

They had three children; Eudora, Luella Katherine and Frank .  Eudora Hall married Luther Mason.  Frank Lincoln Hall married Rosa Magdalene Fend.  The following are their photos and obituaries.

Luella Hall Kitchell Photo

Eudora Hall Mason Photo

Eudora Hall and Luther Mason Marriage Records

Clallam County Courthouse Record of Eudora Hall and Luther's Marriage

Eudora Hall Mason Obituary, Copy 2, Copy 3

Luther Alexander Mason Obituary

Frank Lincoln Hall Obituary 

Frank Hall Photo

Rose Magdalene Fend Hall Obituary

Her second husband was Charles Peters.

Charles Peters Photo

Charles Peters Obituary

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