Archived Surnames

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Registered Surname
Date(s) in Island County
Town(s) in Island County
ADAMS     Nancy Reeves
ANDERSON     Cadamek
ATHERTON     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
AUBERT     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
BALL     Lou Lauderbaugh
BLANKENBURG 1910 - 1932   Claire Bardwell
BLOXHAM     Myrna Singer Casey
BOCK 1920-1940 Usless Bay and vicinity Reverie Rowlett
BOYER     Lou Lauderbaugh
BOYER     Debra Lawson
BOZARTH 1857 - 1874 Whidbey Island Danica Love
BRADLEY mid 1800's Coupeville Ronald Wolfe
BROOKS     James H. Sindberg
CALHOUN     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
CAMPBELL     Krista Ottino
CASE     Nancy Reeves
CHRISTIEk     Nancy Reeves
CLARK     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
CLEVELAND     Shirley Cleveland-Hess
COATES     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
CRAM     Jan Hansen
CROSBY     Nikki Blundell
CROSBY     Shirley Cleveland-Hess
DEAN     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
DeLONG 1900-present Maxwelton George Mills
DOUGHERTY 1883 - about 1892 Utsalady Diane Hettrick
DREMOLSKI     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
ENGLE     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
ENGLISH     Dixie Lee English
ENGSTROM     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
ERICKSON, Alfred & Alma 1900-1972 Utsalady Joanne Walker
FREUND     Nancy Reeves
GLASGOW     Jack Glasgow
GONHUE     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
GRENNAN     Cynthia
GRUBB 1900-present Maxwelton George Mills
HAMLIN     Audrey Buono
HANCOCK     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
HAPEMAN     Peter Hapeman
HARNDEN     James H. Sindberg
HASTIE     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
HASTIE     Jack Glasgow
HAWKINS 1938- Clinton @ Goss Lake area Richard W. Hawkins
HELLER     Audrey Buono
HERRETT     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
HESSELGRAVE     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
HOISINGTON     Harriette
HOLBROOK about 1939-1951 Shaw Island Melva Holbrook Perry
HOLM     James H. Sindberg
HORAN     Jack Glasgow
HORN     Jack Glasgow
JACKLING     Cynthia
JACOB     Lawrence W. Lough
JAMES     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
JAMES     Thomas M. James
JAMES, William     DHJ
JENNE     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
JENSEN     Bill Paulson
KEITH     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
LAND     Ron Lindsay
LeSOURD     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
LeSOURD     Thomas M James
LINDSAY     Ron Lindsay
LINDSAY     Allen L. Moore
LOCKHART     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
MAGNUSON     Betsy Sarsfield
MC'CROHAN 1863 - Oak Harbor Perry Doner
MESMAN     Alise Streutker
MILLS     Myrna Singer Casey
MITCHELL     Cynthia
MORRILL     Thomas M James
MORRISSEY 1883 Utsalady Diane Hettrick
MORSE 1860 - Oak Harbor Perry Doner
MYRON     Curt Myron
NELSON     Ron Lindsay
NESBIT, Jane     Del Vosburg
O'LEARY 1863 - Oak Harbor Perry Doner
OLSEN     Bill Paulson
OSTROM     Shirley Cleveland-Hess
OWNER     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
PARCHER     James H. Sindberg
PARKER     Shirley Cleveland-Hess
PATKAMIN     Jack Glasgow
PAULSON     Bill Paulson
PEARSON     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
PEEBLES     Mark Peebles
PERRY, Howard     Pat Perry
PERRY, Samuel     Pat Perry
PETERSMA (PIETERSMA)     Sibbele Postma
POORE (POOR) 1930 Oak Harbor Twp. Lori Zierden
PRICE 1910 Langley Kathryn Price Behrman
REINSTRA     Maria (Reinstra) Tata
RIKSEN     Audrey Buono
SHERMAN     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
SHERWOOD     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
SIEMERS 1920-1940 Usless Bay and vicinity Reverie Rowlett
SINGER     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
SMITH   penn cove Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
SMITH, Edward Claude born may 30, 1912 Unknown town Joanne Walker
SMITH, Georgia Mae (Dorothy) born May 1, 1910 Unknown town Joanne Walker
STEVENS     Lou Lauderbaugh
STREUTKER     Alise Streutker
TERRY     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
VANDER WAL     Louise Acheson
VANPATTEN     Dixie Lee English
VOSBURG, Clark Harrison     Del Vosburg
WANAMAKER     Julie Sibon-Lamoureux
WARDENAAR     Nikki Blundell
WARE     Sandberg
WEEDIN     Jan Hansen
WHELAN     Pat Perry
WILKINSON     Thomas M James
WILKINSON     Miriam Robbins Midkiff
YOUDERIAN     Shirley Cleveland-Hess