Bay View Cemetery, Whidbey Island
     East Section (newer)

West Section (older)  
T29N R3E Section 17 At the junction of Bayview Road and Howard Road, near Washington Route 525, between Freeland and Clinton on Whidbey Island. The cemetery is bisected by Bayview Road into the east side and the west side, grave sites being numbered separately on the two sides.

Camano Island Pioneer Cemetery T32N R3E Section 20 Approximately four miles west of Stanwood on highway 532 at Terry's Corner where it divides into North Camano Drive and Camano Drive. The cemetery was originally platted in 1887; lots 41 to 98 were added in 1907; lots 99 to 117 were added at an unknown later date. The eastern portion of the cemetery was dedicated for burial of paupers and there are many unmarked graves there.
Camano Island Lutheran Evangelical Church Cemetery   Approximately five miles west of Stanwood, on Camano Island, about one mile south of Terry's Corner on East Camano Drive. It covers an area of about two and a half acres and was platted in February, 1922 and it appears from examination of the gravestones that few if any burials were made here before that time. It was dedicated for use by the Camano Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Davis Cemetery   See Pioneer Cemetery
Fir Crest Cemetery, Oak Harbor T33N R1E Section 34

On 80 NW behind 8639--80 NW Oak Harbor

Freund Cemetery, Oak Harbor T32N R1E Section 2


Langley (Woodman) Cemetery, South Whidbey Island
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T29N R3E Section 3 To reach the Langley Cemetery from downtown Langley, go south on Anthes Street to 6th Street.  Turn right on 6th Street and in about 1/2 block turn left on Anderson.  The cemetery is located on the left about 3/4 mile up Anderson Road.  This is the oldest cemetery on South Whidbey Island.  It was begun in 1902 by the Woodmen's Lodge and operated by them until 1913 when it was deeded to the town of Langley which has operated it since.
Maple Leaf Cemetery, Oak Harbor
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T33N R1E Section 36 At the northeastern corner of Oak Harbor at the junction of Auvil Road and 16th Street (formerly Cemetery Road). The cemetery was established in 1904. The original cemetery plat was filed with the county auditor on October 3, 1904. The first addition was made in 1931, the second addition in 1942. The cemetery was replatted in 1995. As a consequence of this replatting, some families became separated by boundaries between the new sections. Some of the graves here were moved from the Freund cemetery (which was probably located near the present intersection of Barlow and Barrington streets) when it was closed during the 1950's. Consequently, some people who died prior to 1904 are buried here also.

Morse Cemetery   See Pioneer Cemetery
Mutiny Bay Cemetery   Near Freeland just off Mutiny Bay Road in the 5600 block.  There are no grave markers. 
O'Brien Cemetery   See Pioneer Cemetery
Pioneer Cemetery, Oak Harbor T33N R1E Section 34 Also known as the Morse cemetery, the O'Brien Cemetery, and as the Davis cemetery. Those buried here are mostly of Irish ancestry. The cemetery is located at 355 Oak Harbor Street. As you proceed north through Oak Harbor on Highway 20, go straight where the highway angles to the right. Proceed north on Oak Harbor Street, past the traffic light at Whidbey Avenue, and the cemetery is about three blocks further, on the left side, behind a mobile home.

St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery, Clinton T29N R4E Section 19 located on Wilson Place near Brighton Beach Road in the community of Clinton at the southern end of Whidbey Island. It is directly behind Saint Peter's Lutheran Church. The cemetery was established in 1904 after Chris and Martha Berg donated one and a half acres to the church. One acre was used for the cemetery and one half acre for a new church building. The cemetery was later turned over to the community and the Clinton Cemetery Association was formed.

Sunnyside (Valley View) Cemetery, Coupeville
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T31N R1E Section 5 Sunnyside/Valley View Cemetery (commonly known as Sunnyside Cemetery) is located at the south end of Sherman Road, near the town of Coupeville on central Whidbey Island. It is situated on a hillside overlooking Ebey's Prairie. The oldest part of the cemetery was deeded to the county in 1869 by Mary Bozarth for use as a burial ground. This section contains the Ebey graves and remains unplatted. In 1891 John C. Kellogg platted an addition called Sunnyside after the name of Jacob Ebey's farm. In 1887 A. Win Cook platted an addition he called Valley View. He deeded the unsold lots to the Masonic lodge who later deeded them over to the county.