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Completed today, a comprehensive sweep of this site.  If you should find any broken links, missing graphics, or anything else wrong, please contact me immediately.
Again, repairing links.
All biographical sketch links have been repaired along with small format changes.
Repairs made to all links on the cemeteries page.  Small format changes made to the index, cemeteries, lookups, research, biographical sketches, and this what's new page.
I have returned as County Coordinator for the El Paso site.  I have begun to make repairs and will note them here as they are done.  The process is going to take some time to complete them all.  Please be patient.  Thank you.
Updated links throughout the site.
The Vertical Files section is now open.
The Communities pages are now open with some of the histories online.
The new Research Room is now open.
Welcome to the El Paso County GenWeb redesign.  Not all pages are completed and online yet.  They will come back online as quickly as I can finish them.