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Archived Surnames, 1997-2000

If you have an archived surname below, please check your email and web address to ensure I have correct information for you.  Remember, if I can't contact you, neither can any visitors to this page.


Submitted Researchers Name Web Site


Randy Eutsler  
DEMPSEY 03/28/98 Bill Dempsey


DUGUID   Nadine Holder  
EIKENBERRY   Nadine Holder  
EUTSLER 09/30/99 Randy Eutsler  
GRAHAM 09/06/97 Sqrunt4628@aol.com  
HIMES 01/06/98 Dee Yeager  
HUSTON 01/19/00 Donna A. Sherrell  
LAY 02/12/99 Melissa S. Collins  
MISKIMINS 03/14/98 Janet Adkins  
MULANAX 03/14/98 Janet Adkins  
NIDA 01/10/99 Jack Nida  
OLIVER 12/13/99 Vickie Thordsen (04/2006)
REBILLET 04/03/98 Susan Cruse-Rebillet  
SCRIVEN 08/06/99 Sharon Iwanick  
SHERRELL 01/19/00 Donna A. Sherrell  
SHOULTS 09/30/99 Randy Eutsler  
TAPSTER 01/30/99 Jack Martin  
TEETERS 08/07/98 T. Dan Wollam http://home1.gte.net/tdanlk/index.html
WOLLAM 08/07/98 T. Dan Wollam http://home1.gte.net/tdanlk/index.html
YODER 10/11/97 Chris Yoder