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Bibliography of Wyoming Books

No history of Goshen County has been published.  The books below, therefore, are of a general nature as opposed to a targeted one.  I hope this bibliography will provide you, the Goshen researcher, enough data to assist you in your research.

Most of these books can be interlibrary loaned.  See the ILL clerk at your local library for assistance.  If you're unable to ILL a book of interest, a search of the Web might reveal an online store where you can purchase it.


Anderson, Susan.  Living in Wyoming : Settling for More.  Casper: Rockridge Press, 1997.  A celebration of some of the unique characters who choose to live in Wyoming, while taking you along the historic trails with the new pioneers who walk them. Humorous essays reveal a mix of traditional ranchers, modern coal miners, futuristic entrepreneurs, mountain climbers, and wilderness enthusiasts.
Bartlett, Ichabod S. History of Wyoming. Chicago: S. J. Clark Pub. Co., 1918. This is a three-volume set. Volume one is a history of the state and volumes two and three contain valuable biographies.
Beach, Cora May Brown. Women of Wyoming. Casper, Wyo.: S. E. Boyer, 1927. Considering the early equality status of women in Wyoming, this two-volume set of biographies is especially valuable. The photographs of the women in the biographical sketch and the genealogical information is noteworthy.
Beard, Frances Birkhead, ed. Wyoming from Territorial Days to the Present. Chicago: American Historical Society, 1935. Three-volume set: volume one is a history and volumes two and three provide valuable biographical sketches which include church leaders, political figures, ranchers, etc.
Brown, Larry K.   You Are Respectfully Invited to Attend My Execution : Untold Stories of Men Legally Executed in Wyoming Territory.  Glendo: High Plains Press, 1977.  The crimes, investigations, lawmen, capture, legal maneuvers, trials and deaths of the seven men legally hanged in Wyoming Territory. 
Chamblin, Thomas S., ed.  Historical encyclopedia of Wyoming. Cheyenne, WY: Wyoming Historical Institute, 1954. 2 vols.
Chisum, Emmett D.   Memories University of Wyoming Centennial 1886-1986.  Cheyenne:: University of Wyoming, 1987.  Ten decades of the University's history in prose and pictures.
Dobler, Lavinia.  I Didn't Know That About Wyoming.  Basin, Wyoming: Wolverine Gallery, 1984. History and trivia about Wyoming.
Dodaro, Craig; Adams, Randy.   Frontier Spirit - The Story of Wyoming.  Johnson Publishing, Boulder Colorado, 1986. Wyoming History. Chapter Titles: Physical Wyoming, Early Hunters in Wyoming, The Fur Trade, Trails Through Wyoming, The Indian Wars, The Transcontinental Railroad, Territorial Wyoming, Statehood at Last, Wyoming During World War I, Hard Times, Wyoming During World War II, Modern Wyoming.
Coutant, C.G. (Charles).   History of Wyoming.   Laramie: Chaplin, Spafford & Mathison, Printers, 1899. The history of the state of Wyoming from the early days of the Spanish through the building of the Union Pacific Railroad.
Erwin, Marie, Wyoming Blue Book. Cheyenne: Wyoming State Archives and Historical Department, 1974 reprint. This original three volume work is currently being updated and republished in four volumes. It should not be overlooked because it is an excellent historical reference for Wyoming.
Hendrickson, Gordon Olaf, ed. Peopling the High Plains, Wyoming's European Heritage. Cheyenne: Wyoming State Archives and Historical Department, 1977. This volume examines six of Wyoming's ethnic European groups which contributed to the settlement and development of the state, namely British, German, Italian, Basque, Eastern European miners, and Greeks. It is a welcome contribution to the study of ethnic Wyoming.
Gallagher, John S., and Alan H. Patera. Wyoming Post Offices: 1850-1980. Burtonsville, Md.: The Depot, 1980. An excellent genealogical tool for identifying defunct as well as continuous towns throughout Wyoming. The book is divided by county with an accompanying map of each county showing the location of the post offices.
Gustafson, Stan   Vigilantes of Wyoming.  NY: Carlton Press, 1971.  Lynchings and Other Mob Activity, 1867-1910. History of vigilante actions in Wyoming 1867-1910.
Hendrickson, Gordon Olaf, ed. Peopling the High Plains: Wyoming's European Heritage.  Information about British, German, Italian, Basque, Eastern European, and Greek immigrants.
Homsher, Lola M., ed.  South Pass, 1868, James Chisholm's Journal of the Wyoming Gold Rush  Publisher: U. Nebraska, 1960.
Larson, Taft Alfred. History of Wyoming. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1965. The self proclaimed purpose of this book is to provide a critical history of Wyoming for adults. It is an excellent history of the territorial and statehood periods of Wyoming with a focus on the men, women, and events which shaped Wyoming's history 1865-1965. Only minor mention is made of the pre-territorial period.
Murray, Robert A. Military Posts of Wyoming. Fort Collins, Colo.: The Old Army Press, 1974. This book provides history, drawings, and photographs for each of Wyoming's old military posts scattered throughout the state.
Peterson, C. S. Men of Wyoming. Denver: n.pub., 1915. Contains photographs and biographies for over 300 men who were residents of Wyoming in 1915.
Rollins, George W. The Struggle of the Cattlemen, Sheepman, and Settler For Control of Lands in Wyoming: 1867-1910. Master's thesis, University of Utah, 1951. Outlines the struggles of competing groups on the semi-arid land of Wyoming.
Shaw, James C.   North from Texas.  Evanston, Illinois: Branding Iron Press, 1952.  Incidents in the early life of a range cowboy in Texas, Dakota and Wyoming 1852-1883, discussion subjects such as Wyoming, Texas, North South Dakota, cattle ranching, trail drives, cowboys, Stock Grower's Association, and brands.
Spiros, Joyce V. Hawley. Genealogical Guide to Wyoming. Gallup, N.M.: Verlene Publishing, 1982. No research in Wyoming county sources should begin without examining this book first.
Spring, Agnes Wright   The Cheyenne and Black Hills Stage and Express Routes Lincoln: University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 1967.  The origin, growth, and abandonment of the Cheyenne-Deadwood stage.  Includes pertinent information about the life, customs, and manners of early Wyoming and Dakota pioneers who lived in the neighborhood of the stage routes or who participated in their development.
Trenholm, Virginia Cole.   Footprints on the Frontier.  Douglas Wyoming: self-published, 1945. History of Wyoming, with emphasis on Fort Laramie (named for fur trapper Jacques La Ramie). American History, Wyoming, Laramie, Grattan Massacre, Cheyenne, Johnson County War.
Triggs, J. H. History of Cheyenne and Northern Wyoming. Laramie, Wyo.: Powder River Publishers and Booksellers, 1876. This early volume consists of a history of the town of Cheyenne and many portions of Wyoming Territory, including the gold fields of the Black Hills, Powder River, and Big Horn counties.
United States. Adjutant General's Office. Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers who served in Organizations from the Nebraska Territory. Lists Civil War soldiers from the area that includes what is now Wyoming.
Urbanek, Mae. Wyoming Place Names. 1967. Reprint. [Town needed: Mountain Press Publishing Co., 1988. A listing of geographic places and town names. This work was reprinted in 1988 by Mountain Press Publishing Company.
Welch, Charles A. History of the Big Horn Basin. Salt Lake City, Ut.: Deseret News Press, 1940. Details the history of the basin with emphasis on the Mormon colonies in the area. Useful in researching Mormon ancestry.
Wheeler, Denice. The Feminine Frontier: Wyoming Women...1850-1900. N.p.: n.pub., 1987. The self proclaimed purpose of this work is to inform readers about the lives and accomplishments of Wyoming's pioneer women. The study is based on local and national historical studies.