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Census Records

An important research consideration for Wyoming is that its counties, as they exist today, went through many changes in a relatively short period of time.  When organized, it included four counties from Dakota Territory-Albany, Carbon, Carter, and Laramie-and Green County from Utah Territory. When the territory was organized on 19 May 1869, Uinta County was created from the formally unorganized portions of Utah and Idaho. At that time, Carter County was renamed Sweetwater. By 1923, Wyoming had been subdivided into its present twenty-three counties.

 When the territory was first formed, there were between six and seven thousand white settlers along with many Indian tribes populating the area. A relatively unknown source is the First Wyoming Territorial Census, which was enumerated soon after formation in 1869. This comprehensive census includes names, lengths of residency, and place of origin. This census is available on microfilm at the Wyoming State Archives and FHL.

Important Wyoming census notes: Goshen County was included in Nebraska Territory in 1860 census records.

Reminder:  Territory 1868.  Statehood 1890.

Census Year

Where to Look for Goshen County


1850 Part of the "Unorganized Territory." No enumeration of the great plains was was taken for the 1850 census.  This area later became all or part of the states of NE, ND, SD, MT, CO, KS, OK and eastern WY.  
1860 Nebraska Territory  
1870 Laramie County  (formed 1867 - Original County)  The census of 1870 was the first Federal schedule of Wyoming Territory. A-F, G-M,


Laramie County - Fort Laramie only

A-B, C, D-F, G-H, I-L, M-N, O-Q, R, S, T-Z

1883 Civil War pensioners - statewide  
1890 Destroyed by fire. The 1890 Special Veterans and Widows Census did survive and can be used as a census substitute.  
1900 Laramie County  
1910 Laramie County  


Goshen County formed 1911 from Laramie  
1920 Goshen County  
1930 Goshen County