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Look Up Assistance in Resources Dealing with Etowah County

NOTE:  *I* do NOT do lookups!  Please see the volunteers in the chart below.

Do you have access to a book, microfilm, CD or other resource dealing with Etowah
 County which you would be willing to offer lookups in? If so, please contact me about listing it here.

with the following information:
** Your name
** Your email address
** Name of resource and brief description about what it pertains to or contains (limit of years, locations etc)
** Your specific guidelines (such as no general searches, limits to requests etc.)

Volunteers will set their own guidelines, which will be listed in their offer. Please abide by these guidelines. ** Volunteers are under no obligation to answer any requests which do not meet their stated guidelines!
** Be kind to our volunteers!
** If you get bounced mail for an email address, or have any other problems, please contact me with specifics.
**Please do not write to me asking for anything not listed here (such as "I need help finding my ancestor in the census, or his birth record.) Join the mailing list for Etowah  County and ask for assistance there.


**When requesting a look up please follow these guidelines:

Subject Line: Etowah
 County LOOKUP (unless owner requests otherwise)
Body: The name of the person you are looking for and any other pertinent information. Use CAPS for the surname.
Your Name and complete e-mail address


Reference Owner Guidelines  Owner/Email
1880 federal census for Etowah County. Will look for specific individuals on the census. Jan Nance
Death notices and obituaries from the Gadsden Times,  1900 to 1905. Will look for a specific individual and time. Also she has names and dates (only) of the period 1960-1969 from the Gadsden Times.  Delilah Evans

See also this list of sites with volunteers who will assist with lookups:

  Books We Own Lookup Service
  Cyndi's List of Lookup Services
  Genealogy Helplist
  Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness