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Communities Past and Present Post Office or map year History
Macon aka Hull later Independence PO 1895-1954 Later Teller Co.  
Manitou Junction On 1895 -1922 map  
Manitou Park 1st later Woodland park Est 1888 Rename in 1890, now in Teller Co.  
Manitou Park 2cd PO 1890-1892 site now in Teller Co.  
Manitou Springs/Manitou Est 1871, Inc 1888 (Called Villa La Font by early French Trappers) X
McConnellisville RR stop on 1887 map  
McFerran later Newfield PO 1889-1896  
McShane's Fort aka Round Fort  Settler's Fort Est 1868  
Midland PO 1892-1899 site now in Teller Co.  
Midway 1st  Near Wigwam  
Midway 2cd  On 1964 map near Manitou Springs  
Minnehaha 1964 map  
Monument prev. Henry Station, Camp Monument Settler's Post, Est 1869, Inc 1881 X
Mosby PO 1910-1913  
Mound/Mound City Mining Camp Est 1891 site now in Teller Co.  
Mountain View On 1964 map  
Newfield prev McFarran  PO 1896-1898  
North Pole Est 1956  
O.Z. aka Old Zounds  PO 1877-1889, PO moved to Ramah  
Palmer Lake aka Palmer, prev Divide/Divide Lake  Est 1883, Inc 1889 X
Papetown Est 1901  
Peterson Field now Peterson AFB Est 1942  
Peyton prev Mayfield  Est 1888  
Pikes Peak Military Reservation Military Post 1873-1888, Signal Station on top of Pikes Peak  
Pikeview RR station 1895, PO 1902-1957, PO moved to Edgerton  
Pring RR stop 1902-1968  
Ramah Est 1888, Inc. 1927, 1898 PO moved from O.Z.  
Ramona Inc 1913  
Rock Creek Park    
Rockrimmon Est 1987, substation of Colorado Springs PO  
Roswell PO 1889-1908, site now in Colorado Springs X
Round Fort aka McShane's Fort  Est 1868  
Rush Est 1907  
Ruxton Park    
Saint Peters PO 1905-1907  
Security prev Widefield now Security-Widefield  Est 1920  
Security-Widefield Est 1955  
 Seward later Clyde  PO 1896-1909 Name change in 1899, later in Teller Co.  
Schriever AFB prev Falcon AFB Est 1985  
 Sidney RR station/Town 1892-1923 map. RR station in Elbert Co. near El Paso Co. border. Maps place town in both counties.  
Signal, Signal Station aka Pikes Peak Mil. Reservation PO 1896-1898, site now in Teller Co.  
Skinners RR stop 1909-1968 map  
Skyway 1964 map  
Sommers RR stop 1909-1920 map  
South Altman Inc 1896  
Southwater aka Borst's PO 1872-1878  
Spruce On 1923 map  
Squirrel Creek PO 1911-1916  
Stratton Meadows    
Sublime aka Point Sublime PO 1903-1909  
Suffolk PO 1879-1886, PO moved to Manitou Park, site now in Teller Co.  
Summit Park 1st PO 1873-1888, PO moved to Manitou Park, site now in Teller Co.  
Summit Park 2cd PO 1890-1892 site now in Teller Co.  
Sun View PO 1877-1896  
Surber PO 1895-1916