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Communities Past and Present Post Office or map year History
Divide/Divide Lake later Palmer Lake RR stop station Est. 1871, PO was Weissport. Palmer Lake Est 1883  
Divide Est 1877 PO Est 1889, same site as earlier Ute Pass, now in Teller Co.  
Drennan orig. Hibbard Est 1920, name change in 1922  


Dyer RR stop on 1895 map, now in Teller Co.  
Easton later Eastonville PO 1872-1883, name change in 1883  
Eastonville PO 1883-1932  
Eclipse 1890's Mining Camp Absorbed by Elkton in Teller Co.  
Edgerton PO 1870-1902, PO moved to Pikeview X
Edison 1956 map  
Edlowe 1896-1899  
El Paso aka El Paso City later Buttes Est 1862 name change in 1895  
Elkton PO 1895-1926  
Ellicott 1895-1916 ( I believe this is the PO, the town still exists)  
Elsmere PO 1889-1890  
Ent Air Force Base orig. Colorado Springs Air Base Est 1942 (I do not when it closed, I have never heard or seen this base?)  
Falcon Est 1887 X
Falcon Air Station now Schriever AFB Est 1985  
Florissant Est 1870 Inc. 1891 Now in Teller Co. X
Fort Carson prev Camp Carson Est 1942, Renamed in 1954  
Fountain Est 1864 Inc. 1903, Area name La Fontaine Qui Bouille by early French settlers X
Fountain Valley PO 1957-1982  
Franceville PO 1881-1894 X
Franceville Junction PO 1892-1899  
Fremont briefly Morland now Cripple Creek Inc. 1892 Now in Teller Co.  
Gillett/Gillette PO 1894-1913, Inc. 1895 Later in Teller Co.  
Glen Eyrie


Glen Park 1922 map X
Gleneath PO 1910-1916  
Glenn PO 1896-1903  
Goldfield Inc. 1899, PO 1895-1932 Teller Co.  
Green Mountain Falls aka Green Est 1888 Inc. 1890 Partly in Teller Co.  
Gwilliamsville/Gwillianville PO 1878-1890  
Harl RR stop 1902-1909 map  
Hanover PO 1913-1921  
Hayden Placer Est 1891 Merged with Fremont to create Cripple Creek, Teller Co.  
Henkel RR stop 1909-1958 map  
Henry Station see Monument Settler Post 1869  
Highpark PO 1896-1917 Later Teller Co.  
Holmes RR stop  
Horace PO 1896-1899, site now in Teller Co.  
Hulbert RR station 1895 map  
Husted PO 1878-1920  
Independence orig. Macon Est 1895 PO 1895-1954 Now Teller Co.  
Ivywild Est 1888 PO 1891-1895, absorbed by Colorado Springs  
Jimmy Camp Est 1825 PO 1878-1879 RR stop 1882-1892  
Kelker RR stop 1895 map, PO 1912-1914  
Kenmuir RR stop 1895 map  
Knob Hill PO 1958-1980, substation of Colorado Springs PO  
La Vergne Est 1887 absorbed by Colorado Springs  
Lake House 1885 map site now in Teller Co.  
Lawrence Inc. 1894 PO 1892-1898 Site now in Teller Co.  
Levisy RR stop on 1895 map  
Little Buttes Stage Stop RR station 1895 map  
Love PO 1894-1902 RR stop 1923 map, now Teller Co.  
Lowland later Wayne PO 1908-1912