Weld County Cemeteries

New! Index to Weld County Cemeteries. Abbreviation Key to index. contributed by Mathew Prythero


Ault Cemetery Ault
Bee Bee Draw Cemetery Located between LaSalle and Kersey half way between CR 42 & CR  44 on CR 43, on the east side of road.
Briggsdale Briggsdale
Burbridge                       Located southwest of Platteville in the SE quarter of Section 32, Township 3N, Range 67 W
Brush-Daniels Cemetery    Brush
Buckingham Cemetery .
Coleman Cemetery .
Eaton Cemetery                   Eaton
Elwell Cemetery                   Johnstown
Erie Cemetery                       Erie
Evans Cemetery                    Greeley -
Fort Latham Cemetery         Latham (remains reinterred in Lynn Grove Cemetery, Greeley)
Fort Saint Vrain Cemetery Near Gilcrest
Fort Vasquez Cemetery Near Platteville
Gerry Cemetery                    Gerry
Highlandlake                         Mead
Hillside Cemetery                 Fort Lupton - You can find some information at: Interment.net
Home of Peace                   Grover
Horst Cemetery                      Keota (some sources list location as being in Briggsdale)
Johnstown Cemetery            Johnstown
Keota Keota
Lakeview Cemetery              Windsor
La Salle La Salle
Liberty Cemetery                  Avalo
Linn Grove   (Colorado GenWeb Archives Greeley - The city of Greeley has put up a site for Linn Grove which includes a map showing where each grave is located and a search so that you can find and locate each burial.
Mizpah Cemetery Platteville  (Offsite)
Moser Cemetery Hudson - CR 30 & CR 43
Mountain View                    Hudson
Mountain View Nunn
New Raymer Cemetery New Raymer
Pilgrim Cemetery                  Dutch Girl Lake
Pleasant View Oxford and County Line Rd between Longmont and Erie
Prairie View                       Stoneham (Located near intersection of State Hwy.'s 14 and 71)
Raymer Cemetery               Raymer
Saint Francis                         Vollmar - County Rd 22 east of Co Rd 19 it's on the north side of 22.
Saint Vrain Cemetery  
Sligo Cemetery                      Grover
Sunnyside Cemetery            Dolan Spring
Sunset Memorial                  Greeley

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