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This list of material represents the materials that are available for Alger County.  All of the titles listed here have information about the people or places of Alger County. Most of these books can be borrowed from your local library through their Inter-Library Loan (ILL) program. Choose the topic of the book type you need and click on the links below. You'll be taken to that section on this page.

Alger County Independent. January 5, 1939-June 27, 1940.

The Alger Echo. Deerton, MI: Sand River Press, 1968-1970. A periodical that reproduces old lithographs, newspaper articles, etc. about the county's past.

Avery, Thomas. Slow Me Down, Lord.  AuTrain, MI: Avery Color Studios, 1972. (Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore).

Carter, James L. Grand Marais, Voyageur's Harbor. Grand Marais, MI: Pilot Press, 1967.

Castle, Mrs. Beatrice Hanscon. The Grand Island Story. Marquette, MI: John M. Longyear Research Library, 1974.

Dempsey, Mary E. It Isn't Easy to Find a Moose On the Weekend. Grand Marais, MI: Grand Sable Publishing, 1987. (Grand Marais).

Grand Marais. Grand Marais, MI: Voyager Press, 1979.

Grand Marais Pilot and Pictured Rocks Review. July 30, 1975-November 1, 1979.

Kahle, Maybelle E. Grand Marais Potluck: A Collection of Poems and Stories. Grand Marais, MI: 1990.

Korbecki, Dale A. Grand Marais: A Love Story. CMU Term Paper, 1978.

Lindquist, Fred. They Came to Laughing Whitefish: A Pioneer's Account of Early Settlement in Northwest Alger County. Deerton, MI: Sand River Press, 1978.

Michigan, Governor, Office of Planning Coordinations. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore: Actions for Area Decision, Design and Development. Lansing, MI: 1968.

Munising News. January 8, 1953-December 28, 1988.

Rawson, Albert L. The Pictured Rocks of Lake Superior. Au Train, MI: Avery Color Studios, 1971.

Rockford Map Publishers.  Atlas & plat book, Alger County, Michigan: 1977.  Rockford, Ill.: Rockford Map Publishers, c. 1977.

Rockford Map Publishers.  Alger County, Michigan, land atlas and plat book: 1982.  Rockford, Ill. : Rockford Map Publishers, c. 1982.

Rockford Map Publishers.  Alger County, Michigan, land atlas and plat book: 1988.  Rockford, Ill. : Rockford Map Publishers, c. 1988.

Splake, T. Kilgore. Pictured Rock Memories. Battle Creek, MI: Angst Production, 1985.

Stonehouse, Frederick. Munising Shipwrecks: A History of the Maritime Accidents of the Lake Superior Coast from Au Train to Au Sable Point. Marquette, MI: Shipwrecks Unlimited, 1980.

Symon, Charles A., editor. Alger County: A Centennial History, 1885-1985. Munising, MI: Alger County Historical Society, 1986.

Symon, Charles A. Who Were Those People?: The Ethnic Beginnings of Alger County, Michigan. Munising, MI: Alger County Historical Society, 1982.




...that Alger County includes eight townships, one city, and ten unincorporated communities?  Munising is the major city and seat of local government.




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