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You'll want to check this page every time you visit this site.  I'll list all new items here.  When I can, I'll create a hyperlink to the new page or whatever I add.

22 Sep 2009 Added another 54 obituaries.  This has definitely become Char Livermore's pet project, and there are more to come!  Thanks, Char.
09 Feb 2009 Seventy-three new obituaries have been added.  Thanks again, Char!  Added additional pieces of data to the Korea War casualties page.
14 Jan 2009 Twelve new obituaries from Char Livermore were added today.  More to come as the days progress.
09 Jan 2009 Another round of broken link repairs and removals.  If you find any broken ones after today, please contact me.
14 Nov 2008 Fixed a bunch of broken links. If the LeVeque family sees this, please contact me.
28 Sep 2008 Six new obits have been added.  Thanks, Char.  Help your research...add the names you research to the Surname Register.
12 Aug 2003 Wow!  I found a bunch of broken links on the site.  I have them repaired ~ at least those that I found are fixed.  If you find any more, please contact me.  If we work together we can make this site one of the best in the Michigan GenWeb.  Thanks.
05 Aug 2003 Thanks to Kathleen Perry I've added the locations for 5 cemeteries, 6 new photos, and interments in the Maple Grove Cemetery at Munising.  More is coming from her that I've yet to upload.  Keep watching this page to find out what she's sharing next!
27 May 2003 Added links to the Census page for the Alger County 1894 Civil War veterans. Built & uploaded the Military page and 2 pages extending from it.  Also built & uploaded the Miscellaneous page with one page currently extending from it.  Set the rest of the site's pages with the Miscellaneous page link.  The basic frameworks for the entire site is now complete.
26 May 2003 Built and uploaded the Photos and Surnames Register pages, and added Onota to the Townships page.  Still to come are the Military and Miscellaneous pages; perhaps tomorrow.
24 May 2003 This entire GenWeb site is new!  I hope you all like it.  Pages have still not been built for the categories of Military, Miscellaneous, Photos and the Surname Register.  Hopefully, I'll get them done and online tomorrow.



...that the village of Trenary holds an annual outhouse race?... really.  Read about it here.





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