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Name Location/Notes Transcription
Agate Cemetery Trout Creek, Interior Township Yes
Barclay Cemetery 2 miles east of Paulding on Bond Falls Road, on the west shore of Bond Falls Reservoir*


Bergland Cemetery Bergland; oldest is on corner of M-28 & M64; new cemetery is 1 mile N. of Bergland on M-64 No
Bruce Crossing Cemetery Bruce Crossing, Stannard Township No
Carp Lake Township Cemetery 6 miles W. of Ontonagon on M-64, 1 S. on Townline Rd. No
Evergreen Cemetery Ewen; 1 mile E. of Ewen on M-28 No
Evergreen Cemetery Ontonagon South; 1 mile S. on M-38 No
Ewen Cemetery Ewen, McMillan Township; on M-28 No
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Tolfree Road, Green, Carp Lake Twp. Yes
Forest Lawn Cemetery Bergland, Bergland Township; on M-64 Yes
Green Cemetery a.k.a., Finnish Evangelical Lutheran; Green, Carp Lake Township Yes
Greenland Cemetery Greenland, Greenland Township Yes
Hillside Cemetery Bruce Crossing; 1 mile E. on M-28, 1 mile S. on Cemetery Rd. No
Holy Family (Catholic) Ontonagon South No
Interior Cemetery* 2 miles south of Paulding on U.S. 45, 4 miles east on FR 5250, on Ottawa National Forest property  
Irish Hollow Cemetery Rockland, Rockland Township; 1 mile S. US-45; old and partly overgrown Yes
Lakeview Cemetery Bergland, Bergland Township; M-64 & M-28 Yes
Maple Grove Cemetery Paulding, Haight Township; 5 miles S. of Bruce Crossing on US-45 Yes - Reeve

Yes - Dahlstrom

Maple Grove (Greenland) Greenland, Greenland Twp. No
Mass Cemetery Greenland village No
Methodist Greenland Greenland, Greenland Twp. Yes
Methodist Rose Rockland, Rockland Township Yes
Norwich Cemetery An overgrown 1850's cemetery. There is no known record of those buried in this cemetery. No
Paynesville Cemetery Bruce Crossing, Stannard Township; 3 miles E. of Bruce Crossing on M-28, 1/4 mile on S. Paynesville Rd. 1st road on the right; Manty & Paynesville Roads. No
Riverside Cemetery Ontonagon South; 1 mile W. on M-64 to Old Norwich Trail; Cemetery Road No
Rose Cemetery Rockland, Rockland Township; west end of Maple Street; old and overgrown

Yes - 1977
Yes - Monuments

Rousseau Cemetery Mass, Bohemia Township; 1/2 mile past Rousseau on Pori Rd. Yes
Trout Creek Cemetery Kenton, Interior Township; off County Line Road east of Trout Creek No
Woodlawn Cemetery Rockland; Victoria Dam Rd. 1/2 mile turn right No

*Information provided by Michael Genrich. Thanks, Michael. (Nov 2006)